A Balancing Act

November 1, 2016



Since I was pregnant I have been working from home and something that I was always worried about was how I was going to juggle being a mother and working simultaneously. Soon after we came from home from the hospital and we had a chance to settle in, I turned on the computer and immediately felt completely overwhelmed. How was I suppose to answer an inbox full of emails while one hand was supporting my little one’s head? As hard as that first week was, I just kept telling myself it was going to get easier.




The truth is that to this day when I feel like I am totally present and patient with my little one, I look over and see a to do list on my desk that is so long that it basically touches the floor. And when my to do list looks small and under control, my little one has herself wrapped around my legs whining for mama. In the past 21 months I think maybe once did I look at my to do list and see everything checked off and then look over and see my little bundle of joy sleeping soundly. Oh yeah and that happened in my dreams.




What I am always striving for is some sort of balance. One thing that has always kept me more or less in check is a Reminder on my phone every 90 minutes. When the Reminder goes off, I then set a timer for 15 minutes and try to get as much done in that time.

Then once I get her to sleep for a nap and for the night I catch up on everything I missed from the day including picking up snacks from every square inch of the house and washing the dishes and all that other fun stuff.




A huge variable in my awesome plan on how to conquer the day is that I can’t exactly tell my little squish that it’s mommy’s 15 minutes and that she needs to go play. What usually happens is 2 minutes into my session she starts freaking out that I am not using a Minnie Mouse voice making Minnie dance in the air and the master plan is ruined.




At the end of the day, even if it a was fail the most wonderful thing in the world is hearing her little voice chirp, “Mama a hug? Mama a kiss?” and everything else just melts away. On days where I am particularly absorbed in work I like to explain that to her at the end of the day, “Mommy was very busy today and we are going to do something fun tomorrow.” And then the next day I try my best to follow through and we will go get ice cream or go the park and then I’ll remind her, “Remember when mommy was busy yesterday? Well now mommy can play without any distractions.”

I know that right now she probably doesn’t fully understand what that means, but I hope that by repeating these words and actions with her that when she’s a little bit older I can tell her, “Mommy needs 15 minutes and then after we can go do something fun.” and that she will know that I follow through and give me the full 15 minutes to get some work done.

Tomorrow will be always a new day, and if the day before was a fail I think trying make it up the next day merits a bit of forgiveness.





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  1. I often thing I’d love to work from home, but I’m not sure I’d have the skills to balance work with children running around. You are on the right track, one day at a time and one listed completed at a time.

  2. Oh man, I hear you. I have done my time working from home as a momma. I have never cared for it, I just felt so “divided.” After my second was born, I was lucky enough to not have to return to traditional work so that helps. I’m glad you are finding a way to work it in a little during the day, saving it for the end of the night is such a bummer because then all your down time is spent working. Your little one will gradually be able to have more extended periods of play, try to stretch her focus little by little. Coloring, Crayola model magic, building blocks, etc.

  3. it is so hard balancing the day and raising kids. I am tutoring at night now from 8 (their bedtime) to 11 at night… I am extremely exhausted, but it did take away from the stress during the day.

  4. Working from home with a toddler present, is a challenge. I wouldn’t change it though. I finally found a small, licensed daycare that she goes to for a few hours a couple of mornings a week. She loves it, the little social butterfly that she is. But I do get a lot of laughs when she is at home with me and tons of pics. But I agree…it is like one of those acts where the plates are spinning on a pole and I’m running around trying to keep them all going!

  5. Your daughter is adorable and it must be hard to get anything done with such sweetie around:)But it sounds like you have a workable plan in place. Congrats!

  6. It INDEED a balancing act. My oldest is 18 and my youngest is 3 oh the balancing I do..not to mention the other 2 kids in the mix! LOL but your doing awesome mama you got this! Remember they only stay little for so long and soon you’ll be like HEY wasn’t it you asking for a hug & a kiss and the tables change really too quick.. sigh (ask me how I know…lol) so ENJOY every minute you can.

  7. I would love to work from home, actually it’s still a goal. I thought it would be hard the older they got due to noise itself but now I think it would be even more possible.

  8. I completely understand what you’re saying in this post. I have four children ages 16, 14, 4, and 1. Whew! Life stays busy so I work really hard to have balance. In fact, I was just praying about this today. You’re right about tomorrow being a new day. Some days are great and other days are crazy busy or just stinkin’ bad. But they are all great blessings. You’re doing a great job! Stay strong and continue to treasure every moment because the time goes by so fast!

  9. Being a mom sounds like an actual talent! I have no idea how you all do it [but I’m sure that cute little face makes being a mama a bit more rewarding <3]

  10. I can only imagine how difficult it easy to balance working from home with being a mom. I already find it hard to have a job outside the house plus a blog plus trying to have quality time with my hubby! I know a few women who work at home who ended up hiring a nanny for a few hours during the day, so they could get things done professionally. It might be an option if your budget allows for it.

  11. I LOVE this and can totally relate! Being a work at home mom sounds great but in those moments when my son is crying and tugging at me as I finish up this thing I *have* to get done because I’m running out of time… it doesn’t feel so great. Thank you for writing this!

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