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August 21, 2017

Lila’s Look Is c/o Cotton On Kids  — Dress // Jacket // Shoes // Bag


Hi Everyone!

If you are a mama bear then chances are high that your kiddo is in school today! What a roller coaster of emotions. My little lady isn’t even in school yet and I get emotional every time I hear her say, “Hi my name is Lila and I’m going back to school!” She is just copying her older cousin who is starting 1st grade today, ahhhh! We spent the past few weeks helping her cousin get to ready for today and Lila loves the idea of going to back to school mainly because it sounds fun. She really does love her cousin’s school though. When we visit she has so much fun and does not want to leave. Maybe it’ll be different when she realizes mommies don’t stay at school with the kids. I’m pretty sure that will ruin it for her and she’ll want to wait like 5 more years to leave me. Maybe not though. Haha.

Really though half the fun of going back to school is the back to school shopping! So me and my sister took the girls to one of their favorite places, Cotton On Kids. My local mall has a mega location and it is seriously the girls’ favorite store. They want to go in there and play/go shopping every single time we go the mall. It’s pretty dang cute! Annnd it was so much fun taking them and loading them up from the shopping spree that we might just have to make this a yearly tradition.

Stay strong this week mamas, sending love!


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