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A Love Like No Other // Choosing To Potty Train “Late”

January 8, 2018


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YES. My almost three year old is still wearing diapers. I haven’t tried to potty train her yet and the main reason being that diapers are just so easy. Once she pees, I change her, and that’s it. No matter where we are or what we are doing she can use the bathroom freely and it adds a lot of flexibility to our life. We drive a lot and something I am definitely not ready to hear is, “I have to pee” from the backseat while in traffic.

I know that potty training is right around the corner, and I’m gonna be driving around that corner reeeeeeally slow. Right now this is what is best for us, and it’s something that everyone ends up knowing how to do! If potty training late means less accidents and a quicker transition that I am all for it. My main concerns are her being as comfortable as possible and making sure I take big steps at her pace. I’m hoping to look back and know I made the best choices I knew how for both our sake.



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  1. I love the Nursery! I love the clean, white look you created. You give great advice and take amazing photos. I don’t have a child yet but this will be helpful for when I do in the future. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Awww she’s so adorable!!! Don’t rush with potty training. The time will come. I remember that I just felt the right moment when my daughter was somehow ready for this and I think it was around 3 or 4. It’s so much easier when you see that the child is ready and you don’t have to force anything.

  3. She is so cute! Don’t worry about it 🙂 just live and be free! no reason to stress over it. In time she will learn, and so will you 🙂 win-win

  4. You are her parent so your decision is what matters. We hear and read about all the suggested timelines for potty training however each child is an individual and there are factors like the ones you mentioned that come into play. All the best!

  5. I’m right there with you … we are a couple months from turning 3 and she’s still in diapers. It will happen soon, but I’m not going to push her before she is ready.

  6. The nursery is so cute!! I have no experience with potty training only what I hear from my sister with my niece. She says they visit the bathrooms everywhere they go even if my niece doesn’t have to go to the bathroom just because she wants to check it out! Haha

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