Must Haves with Baby

And We’re Off… To Bed!

August 25, 2017

Pajamas // Towel // Blanket // Washcloth // Cream // Powder // Diapers

Hi Everyone!

Have you noticed the days have been getting shorter? I sure have. Lila goes to sleep when the sun does, regardless of what the clock says and this we she has been turning in on the early side. Naps are a thing of the past, so to wind down the day it’s off to bath time right after dinner.

We have a new bath time routine which I will share next, and so far it’s been working out great. When bath time is over I scoop her out of the bath and get right into the bedroom. While she is still in her towel (which by the way this one is adorable and amazing) I start a movie on the tv. It’s almost always Moana, or if we are speeding things up it’s just one episode of Veggie Tales. While the movie starts I’ll give her a massage with my favorite cream, powder up the diaper area, diaper her up, and slip on her jammies. When her jammies are on I’ll brush her teeth which lately has turned into her trying to bite me, but I always win and get those teeth brushed. Last step is “lips” which Lila loves to put on and will ask for it as soon as her shirt goes over her head.

While she gets the wiggles out and jumps around like a monkey, always singing along with Moana I will tidy up the floor a bit and hang up het towel. Then I’ll get in bed with her, put her in the dock a tot with 2 blankets and nurse her until she falls asleep. We definitely have our bedtime routine down which I wanted to create ever since she stopped napping.

So that’s us! Now tell me what do you do to get that baby to bed? Till next time.

  1. The bath is always a great way to calm my daughter down for bedtime. As long as she doesn’t have a lot of toys in the tub. She loves to play with her Dr set and “cure” her Paw Patrol pups for a bit before bed. Definitely, has a routine.

  2. OMG, those red curls! I just had my second child almost 4 months ago, so I am still trying to establish a bedtime routine with TWO kids. I secretly cannot wait for the days to get shorter so I can put them to bed earlier.

  3. Well isn’t she just the sweetest little peanut around!? I’m dying over her little curly pigtails!! I’ll have to try these bath products! We’ve been trying to get on a better daily schedule to help with bed time and such!

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