By on July 1, 2018

I have been carrying a bag for as long as I can remember. And I think most women have. There are just so many things to bring along. Keys, lipgloss, phone, wallet, etc. And then you have a baby and somehow the space that was solely occupied by you and was bursting at the seems, now has to be shared by 2. It took me a long time to find a bag that could be shared by two comfortably. But I finally found a flawless packing system and the only con I have listed on my pro / con list is that I didn’t get it sooner.

The bag I’m sharing with you is the Lorie from Lily Jade Co. If you haven’t heard of Lily Jade Co then you might not even be on Instagram. Seriously their bags are everywhere on the ‘gram and no question why because they are STUNNING! And I guarantee you that if you go to your trending page right now your eye will catch one of their gorgeous and vibrant bags in a photo.

I went with the Lorie bag because it’s a large crossover tote that look gorgeous but can hold a TON of stuff. Being able to hold a ton of stuff is a priority in a diaper bag. She is the perfect “daily” bag and I take her everywhere I go. It also perfectly first my 13″ MacBook Pro which is praise hands emoji in my book. You can also carry it 3 ways: tote, messenger, and backpack. I mostly carry backpack style so that my hands are free, but I also love carrying it tote style too.

The most unique thing about this bag is that it can be paired with a companion bag that fits perfectly inside. The Danielle is a bag that I will be reaching for long after the days of baby. From the second I took this bag out of the packaging I knew it was my favorite bag I have ever owned. It is just the right size and is absolutely gorgeous in person! The color is rich and vibrant and the quality is hands down perfection. It’s everything I ever wanted in a bag.

So whether you’re expecting, looking to upgrade your current diaper bag, or are looking for a freaking amazing lifestyle/travel bag this one right here is a winner.

Lorie Camel & Gold + Danielle Camel & Gold

*This post was made in collaboration with Lily Jade Co. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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By on June 29, 2018

Ever since I can remember my hair goals were to have the straightest hair possible. I have owned tons of flat irons in my day and I they have always been my most prized position. Since becoming a mom I learned to embrace my natural hair texture (wavy) and learned to love a curling iron. I found myself getting frustrated with my current flat iron so I knew it was time to upgrade.

I heard amazing things about the Jose Eber curling wands and so I went for it. I ordered the 1 inch and the 1 1/4 inch and have never been so happy with hot tools. I’ve been using these wands for a few weeks and it’s safe to say I’m obsessed. There’s no going back to straight hair now!

If you are in need of a new curling iron use coupon code CELESTEHAIR for 40% off at


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By on June 26, 2018

Let’s Be Mermaids! Hiding from the sun has been a hobby of mine since I was a child, myself. So indoor activities are much more speed. Funny enough Lila also prefers indoor or shady activities!

Since is OFFICIALLY summer as of a few days ago we are gonna share with you ways that we are having Summer Fun while still hiding from the sun. Follow along with 👉🏻 #WrightFamilySummerBucketList

First up on the list is this amazing inflatable sprinkle donut pool from Minnidip. It’s an instant pool party anywhere you go. It fits a few, inflates fast, and it totes adorbs.  We use it in our backyard in the evenings when the sun is on the other side and leaves is shade or even blow it up indoors sometimes and fill it up a few inches with water beads.

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By on June 18, 2018

Over the weekend we celebrated Hubs with an amazing day at the Americana. When I asked Lila what she wanted to do for Father’s Day, she said, “Let’s go to the Americana!” (Which is her answer to most questions these days…) We saw a matinee of the Incredibles 2, which was so fun. The perfect movie to take Dad to see. Then we made a picnic on the lawn with macaroons and lattes from Laduree. It was was such a lovely and relaxing day. Just like Hubs wanted.

photos by howlandrose

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By on June 12, 2018

For my 24th year I want to give the gift of…JOY!

Becoming another year older has me looking around and seeing all the amazing people who bring joy to my life on a daily basis. My daughter, my husband, my sister, and my mom- they are constantly going above and beyond to bring me joy. Even though it’s my special day- I wouldn’t be who I am today without them. For that reason, I am so excited to share with them a Chocolate Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake with the “Cele’bundt’ing You” Cake Decoration from Nothing Bundt Cakes to thank them for sharing their joy with me.

Nothing Bundt Cakes has launched the Joy Giver Contest and will select two of the Joy Givers nominated and throw each of them a surprise party with their closest friends. Go to to enter the biggest Joy Giver in your life for a chance to win a surprise party and star in Nothing Bundt Cakes’ social video.

*Thank you to Nothing Bundt Cakes for kindly sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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By on June 4, 2018

Can you believe summer is here? Living in Southern California it can sort of feel like summer is always here.. but the minute it hits June you know it’s really summer. All the kids are out of school, splash pads open up, and the sun stays out until what would have been bedtime. It’s seriously the best. This summer has been long awaited and I can’t wait to fill sd card after sd card with photos of it.

And what is summer without a new swimsuit?! I took Lila shopping for a few new pieces she can wear all summer long. Below is a round up of some Summer attire that both Lila and I agreed on. Spoiler alert: it’s mostly Hello Kitty! I can’t wait for you to see. Let me know if you end up picking up a piece (or 5!) for the little in your life.

Swimsuit  +  Sandals

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By on May 29, 2018

If you need me I’ll be in the backyard soaking up some sun and writing love notes to my favorite ladies. Something that I really love is getting mail. There is something so lovely and timeless about it. I do my best to send snail mail when I can, because I know receiving a little something in the mail goes a long way. When I heard about the Celebrate Divine Women box by
Divine Chocolate I knew I needed one in my life STAT. The box comes with everything you need to send a little love someones way… a card, a chocolate bar, and confetti.

Now it’s your turn to spread some love around… Join the movement at

*Thank you Divine Chocolate for kindly sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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By on May 22, 2018

There are few things I love more than a cup of coffee. Especially first thing in the morning. Last week I decided to try a new brand since I was out of coffee at home. Perfect time to try something new if I do say so myself. I was so excited to try out 1850 Brand Coffee because it is the new premium coffee from the makers of Folger’s and can be found at Target. Score! I have been helping my Dad scoop Folger’s into a coffee pot since I was kid. I already loved Folger’s and trust the quality, but I have to say this 1850 Brand Coffee is a whole new level! Gives me just the jolt I need to conquer the day.

I’ll admit I am a two cup a day coffee drinker. (Heck sometimes three!) The first cup is the morning right when I wake up. Nothing gets me out of bed faster than the excitement of making a cup of coffee. Starting my day off with a cup of coffee can greatly alter the course of the day. Especially the type of coffee. Give me a bad cup that doesn’t hit the spot- well I might as well go back to bed. Because the day is practically ruined. (Dramatic? Barely!) But start me off with a good cup of coffee well than this day just got great. Nothing inspires me quite like a cup of coffee. And this week drinking 1850 Brand Coffee at home has inspired me everyday to get ready for the day in a positive way and get out there and do something exciting.

My second cup of coffee is usually in the afternoon around 1-2pm. I call it ‘me time’ and I like to focus on what I need to get done before Hubs comes home from work. I almost always make my afternoon coffee in a French Press, but sometimes I will use my Keurig. Which was so nice having the choice of 1850 Brand Coffee Ground or a K-Cup. I love the K-Cups on hand for when I am in a hurry and need to take it to go! But I am not gonna lie that French Press really makes you brings out rich taste and aroma of this unique blend of ground coffee. It is bold, yet smooth- and since I drink my coffee black it makes a huge difference that it’s roasted consistently and has flavor of less bitterness.

I guess you can say coffee is what helps inspire me to make bold choices. Every day starts with a morning. And in this house every morning starts with coffee. Back in 1850, J.A. Folger started something new and innovative- to help the prospectors as they sought their fortunes. I guess that’s what we are all after in a way. A new way to conquer the day and achieve our goals. Today, there’s still no better way to get after it than with a cup of coffee! 1850 Brand Coffee is a symbol of what coffee really is, which is so much more than just coffee, but a way for us to hustle. I bet most of you reading this are real hustler’s and here’s a little (cheers!) if you are drinking your afternoon cup reading this!

Visit Target from 5/20 – 6/30 and take 20% off any 1850 Brand Coffee Product with the Target Cartwheel Coupon (while supplies last)

*This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and The J.M. Smucker Company, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #1850Coffee #1850CoffeeatTarget

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By on May 15, 2018

“You are magical!” Something I have been telling my little lady  multiple times a day, every day since her birth. There’s nothing quite like feeling the magic inside yourself and I think my little lady got a big taste of it when she opened a surprise package a few weeks ago. Up until then I have never let Lila dress up in any clothes other than her own. I didn’t like the idea of her wanting to wear a princess dress over her own dresses. I didn’t want to bribe her to take it off or deal with a meltdown every time we had to leave the house. So I waited a long time before letting these come into our home. We go to Disneyland a lot and I always thought that it would be the perfect place for her to wear these dresses out of the house. It would also be super fun and magical I think. So when she turned 3 I thought she was at the perfect age to handle to the magic that comes with wearing a princess dress. I wrapped them up really special and told her she had a special delivery. After she opened up them up (and believe me our whole neighborhood knew she was excited from the squeals of joy coming out of her.)

The best part of these dresses is that they are comfortable, machine washable, and play friendly. They are the current obsession at home and getting to wear a Princess Anna Dress to Disneyland last week and meet Princess Anna was all too magical.

Princess Dresses enter code: GRw6TPyFZp for 10% off your entire purchase

 Mermaid Dress with Bow  // Seashell Shoes  // Clothing Rack

Princess Dresses enter code: GRw6TPyFZp for 10% off your entire purchase

 Mermaid Dress with Bow  // Seashell Shoes  // Clothing Rack

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By on May 8, 2018

Is it just me or can you too still not believe it’s May already? May is the month that always seems to sneak up on me. When I was in school I would hope all year for May to come faster and now that I am mom I feel like it just seems to come out of nowhere. Once it’s May then the world around me seems to go on that ‘school is out for summer’ feeling and I catch myself feeling excited even though basically my life stays the same! I first realized the time was flying when I was marking my calendar for Mother’s Day and (poof!) now it’s only days away. What are you going to get for mom this year?

Since Mother’s Day is just around the corner, I’m thinking something sweet for my mom! And what is sweeter than a box of chocolate dipped strawberries? (Personally I can’t think of anything!) These are the Mother’s Day Berries and they come in two sizes: 12 count or 24 count. The box itself is wrapped in a Mother’s Day decorated sleeve and can be found inside a beautiful red Edible Arrangements bag with a ribbon. The presentation couldn’t be more perfect. So this Mother’s Day let’s all give mom a gift she can eat.

Enjoy 20% off with code SAVINGS20 at checkout!

*This post has been kindly sponsored by Edible Arrangements. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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