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The Very Best Diaper For My Baby || Bambo Nature

August 6, 2016

I guess you could say that when we finally tried Bambo Nature diapers it was comparable to the excitement and joy of an exploding confetti bomb. Until we found Bambo Nature we tried literally every brand of diapers in the Target diaper isle. I never was super happy with any of the brands, but did like some brands more than others. When Lila was a few months old we went on a road trip to Utah and I noticed on our trip back home that she had developed a diaper rash. This was common for her, so I kept an eye on it but it never seemed get better even with all of my tips and tricks that I used to get rid of them quickly.

During this time I tried to keep her out of a diaper as much as I could and we tried out a few new brands of more natural diapers. I began to research what the difference between diaper brands was and what I thought would be best for my baby. If you think about it your baby is in a diaper MOST of the time. It really opened my eyes and began my search to find a brand that I felt safe with for my baby.

When I first opened a pack of Bambo Nature diapers I immediately felt like my quest was over. We have been using them for quite some time now and I notice that since we made the switch my baby has gotten almost no diaper rashes, which is amazing! I also notice she seems not ask to be changed as often. She usually would go and get a diaper and come hand it to me when she wanted to be changed, which was often, but now she rarely does it all.

These are one of the softest diapers I have ever touched and they are really gentle on your baby. You can feel the quality of the product right when you touch it. For 25 years Bambo Nature has been certified safe and eco friendly. To give you complete peace of mind, their diapers contain no known substances that are harmful to your health or the environment. Each size is made to fit your baby perfectly and has a thin design allowing your baby total freedom.

These are hands down my #1 Must Have with Baby.


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