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Benefits Of Baby Wearing

August 29, 2017

Lila’s Shoes // Baby Tula Toddler Carrier

Hi Everyone!

It is no secret that I love baby wearing. I have been wearing Lila since she was a newborn and I can attribute much of our bond to it. We have tried out a lot of different carriers together in our two and half years of baby wearing from frontward facing only carriers to multi facing carriers to wraps to slings and everything in between. Right now Lila weighs about 30 pounds and was having less and less space in our old carrier. We switched to Tula Baby a few months ago using one of their Free To Grow Carriers. The first time I put it on Lila fell asleep within minutes and had a nice long two hour nap in it. I love having Lila nap in the carrier because that means I can get stuff done while knowing that my baby is safe and sound.

“A Child Does Not Know What Direction He Is Going, But When He Is Attached To You, He Doesn’t Feel Lost.” -Gordon Neufeld

I recently came across this quote and it really stuck with me how true that feels. When I am holding her close she has such a calm to her that she doesn’t have at any other time.

I always knew baby wearing was for me, because it was in my mama bear gut. It always felt right for me and Lila as a baby was instantly calm if she was put in a carrier. After doing some research I came to learn that there really are some amazing benefits other than just that warm and fuzzy feeling of having your little one close to you.

1. Less Crying

Did you know that babies that are carried cry 43% less than babies that are not carried. And in the evening hours that number jumps to 54% – Don’t these numbers make you want to run and put your baby in a carrier? No one likes to hear their baby cry.

2. Breastfeeding

This is a big one for us. Lila always will breastfeed if she is the carrier and the best part is that she can breastfeed practically anywhere. She always hated doing that whole hiding her a blanket thing, so instead I would put her in the carrier and pop the hood over her. If there is one thing I couldn’t imagine my life as a mom without it’s breastfeeding the in the carrier.

3. Handsfree Mommin’

Whether they are asleep or not you can do anything you need to do handsfree. When Lila was little she would let me do anything as long as she was being carried. The best part is when she fell asleep and I could do anything I needed to do leaving me feeling productive and leaving her feeling cozy sleeping through it all.

4. Bonding

According to research worn babies are given a sense of security and affection. This helps to improve their neurological development. When worn babies are in tune to your heart rate, breathing, and your movements. This encourages baby and actually helps their nervous system function and keep organized.

5. Getting Exercise

Babies start small but then they get heavy! Carrying around that weight is a great workout for mom. It makes a walk around the block way more rewarding when you can come home and treat yourself to something yummy for all those extra calories you burned!

6. Easier Communication

With your little one right there in front of you, you will know almost instantly if something is wrong or if they are bothered. You are also able to comfort them at a moments notice.

Those are just a few of the reasons I LOVE baby wearing. I will continue to wear Lila until I can’t fit her in a carrier anymore. And just thinking that makes me so sad! I will always treasure these years we have had together where I felt like she was my extra limb.


Thanks for reading and let me know in the comments if you baby wear or plan to with your baby! 🙂

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  1. I think this is a great! I do not have children yet, however I do imagine we will try” baby wearing” when the time comes! It seems to have some great benefits and you can’t go wrong with extra bonding time! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Baby wearing is amazing! I’ve been baby wearing my son he was born and all of these benefits are so true. No crying and he falls asleep very fast. My favorite part of it all is that I get to have that bonding time and be hands free to do things around the house!
    Mom Insane Fit

  3. I definitely want to carry my baby like this when I have one! I just feel like you’d be able to see them all the time and there would be a connection, I don’t know 🙂 Love the post!

  4. I wore my first for awhile (got pregnant when he was 9 months old so couldn’t wear him for forever!) and then my second HATED it and I was heartbroken! I could SO use the extra hands and snuggles 🙁 But my third loves it, so we’re back in the carrier phase 🙂

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