Five Unique Father’s Day Gifts



Hi Everyone!

I feel like it’s that time of the week where the town is scrambling for Father’s Day gifts. Am I right or am I crazy? Regardless I thought I would share with you some of my favorite gifts that I found this year for the different dads in my life. So no matter who you are shopping for whether it’s your husband, your dad, your brother, your neighbor, or whoever- keep reading for a great gift idea and stay tuned for a GIVEAWAY (or just scroll to the bottom.) Hahaha. We have all done it. ūüėČ

Edible Arrangements

This is a pretty awesome gift regardless of the occasion! For Father’s Day they went all out and designed a¬†Fruit & Fire Bouquet which is just the coolest thing. The pineapple is cutout to look like flames, the¬†chocolate covered strawberries have¬†orange swizzle, and the chocolate covered banana coals bring the fire to life at the mini grill base. I mean c’mon does that not just scream greatest gift for dad? I love sending Edible Arrangements¬†to family who I can’t easily see the day of. A sweet surprise at the door would get a WOW out of any dad. And it sure gets one out of me every time. This is hands down my mom’s favorite thing to receive for any holiday so sending one to dad for Father’s Day I know my mom will also share the enjoyment since she usually answers the door.

To sweeten the deal Edible Arrangements is offering $10 off $50+ purchase now through 6/18 with code: BLOG6716 


Arctic Cool

I am always hearing my husband talk about wanting new shirts for the gym, so when I heard about Arctic Cool I knew it would be a perfect gift. What I liked about¬†Arctic Cool is the technology behind it to keep your body cool.¬†The technology functions by using your body‚Äôs natural cooling¬†process during high-energy activities. Cool right? Your sweat actually activates the fabric¬†and is initially wicked away from your skin. That’s whee the hydrofreeze comes in and disperses the moisture throughout the clothing fibers, keeping¬†you dry. My first thought was to forget about Father’s Day and snag one for myself! I am so excited to give one of these versatile and lightweight workout shirts to the men in my life.

AND to thank you all for reading I will be giving one away to one lucky winner. All you have to do is comment on this post¬†How Your Dad Stays Cool – Yup that’s it. So go comment! Good luck!


A very special gift I have picked out to give to my dad for Father’s Day is¬†Kardia Mobile.¬†Kardia Mobile is a¬†device and app-based service that provides instant analysis for¬†detecting atrial fibrillation (the leading cause of stroke.) It is smaller¬†than a credit card and allows users to take a¬†medical-grade EKG reading anywhere in 30 seconds, which¬†can be relayed to a doctor for instant analysis and diagnosis. Amazing right? This technology is FDA-cleared and made by¬†AliveCor. With my dad getting older and the knowledge of his father suffering from multiple heart attacks I wanted to give my dad something that would ultimately give him more control of his well being with an app that tracks the 5 modifiable risk factors for¬†stroke including: heart rhythm, blood pressure, weight,¬†physical activity and resting heart rate. I think this is a gift that can be given to anyone at any age and is an amazing tool to have at your fingertips.¬†

Sexy Hair

This one goes out to my sexy husband who hogs the bathroom mirror every morning styling his hair. ūüėČ For him I chose the Hard Up Gel because he actually doesn’t have any gel, unless you can’t the 3+yr old one under the sink from when I was in cosmetology school. Yeah I wasn’t counting that one either. I chose this particular styling gel because it versatile providing a sculpted, spiked, or sleek on wet hair and on dry hair it will give a messy tousled look. Plus any what guy wouldn’t want to be reminded that his wife thinks he’s sexy every morning, right?!

Universal Music Group

I think we can all agree that giving music to dad for¬†Father‚Äôs Day is the best gift. I got Jake these 2pac and 50 cent records because he has a ton of childhood memories listening to these records and I thought it would defiantly get an “Awww” out of him. Universal Music Group offers tons of different records and if you take a look you might just find exactly what you are looking for.

No matter what gift you get for dad I think we can all agree that dad’s are pretty great. Okay now everyone go¬†comment on this post¬†How Your Dad Stays Cool to win a shirt from¬†Arctic Cool! Have a great week.

* Thank you to on behalf of Singe Edition Media for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.
** Coupon Code for¬†Edible Arrangements ‚Äď $10 off $50+ purchase (valid through 6/18) – Code: BLOG6716
*** Don’t forget to COMMENT below, How Your Dad Stays Cool to enter to win an Arctic Cool Shirt.











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Five Toddler Made Father’s Day Gifts

Hi Everyone!

Father’s Day is officially one week away so here are some gift ideas I put together that you can make with the help of your kiddo. They are all super fun and we will be finishing making these ourselves throughout the week to surprise dad with next Sunday. I love making these gifts with Lila because she knows she is decorating for daddy. So sweet!




Design Your Own Marble Maze ‚Äď a DIY Virtual Reality Adventure
A classic game reinvented. Step inside your imagination and design your own virtual reality marble maze!

Casetify Kids
Turn their masterpiece into phone cases and tech accessories, and show them off everywhere you go.
*You can get 20% off your order with code: CELESTE20

Make a Mini Foosball Table
For those moments they can’t actually be on the field, there’s nothing better than a portable foosball table game. This easy to make DIY kit contains everything needed to build the field, create the players, and play your own foosball game.

Make Your Own Bow Tie
Put a fresh twist on a classic look by designing your own original bow tie. Use the pieces in our DIY kit different patterns of fabrics, premade Velcro strips, and leather string to create one that’ll stand out from the crowd. Make yours to match Dad!

Design Your Own Box Kite
Become a master designer of your own custom box kite. Our DIY kit contains a foldout box kite, tubes of fabric paint, and different colors of glitter glue to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that will soar.

I hope these ideas helped inspire you to make a super thoughtful Father’s Day gift. Let me know in the comments which one was your favorite.


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How to Overcome the Midday Slump

VitaCup coffee and tea pods

Hi Everyone!

I don’t know about you but once two o’clock strikes I am dire need of a cup of coffee. Between entertaining a toddler, keeping up on work, and attempting to keep the house clean I need a little pick me up to continue the day running smoothly. I have a simple 3 step routine that always perks me up, so if you need a little midday slump inspiration- this one’s for you.

The first thing I like to do when I can feel the slump starting is drink a bottle of water. Anywhere between 8-16 ounces seem to do the trick. It’s always funny to me how something as simple as drinking a glass of water always improves my mood. Next I like to make a cup coffee. I happen to really love drinking coffee and of course can use any extra pep I can get. My absolute favorite afternoon coffee are VitaCup¬†coffee and tea pods.

VitaCup coffee and tea pods are different because their¬†coffee is¬†blended with essential vitamins. This helps to add¬†that extra perk to your cup and leaves your body feeling great. They offer three different flavors:¬†French Roast, French Vanilla and Green Tea.¬†My favorite is the The French Vanilla K-Cup¬†which¬†has¬†a signature vitamin formulation of B1 (Thiamine), B5, B6, B9 (Folic Acid), Antioxidants, B12 & D3. These vitamins help support functions including immune health, alcohol digestion, and metabolism. This particular vitamin blend is¬†also a¬†healthy coffee alternative to energy drinks. For those late evening slumps when I just can’t justify another cup of coffee I like the¬†green tea option, which is also packed with vitamins.
The best part about these pods is that they are eco friendly. Say whaaat?! That’s right fully recyclable coffee pods – and yes, you can put the plastic directly in your¬†recycling bin. The plastic is BPA free. The grinds are great for your garden or compost pile. The mesh filter is biodegradable. There’s never any dairy, gluten, or GMOs. So for the record that’s a win, win, and win. ūüôā
My third and final step of the afternoon slump routine is to snack on fruit. I always get so snacky in the afternoon but nothing leaves me feeling more energized or more fueled than cutting up a few different fruits and enjoying them with my little lady. My favorite fruits to snack on are bananas, cantaloupe, and strawberries. Lila will usually eat a whole banana in the time it takes me to drink my coffee and she is still ready to steal bites of mine. Sometimes I thinks she is a monkey because she could totally live off bananas.
I hope you enjoyed these tips to help overcome the midday slump and that they work for you in your home. Till next time!

*Thank you to VitaCup for sponsoring this post. All options are my own.

Instagram: @drinkvitacup | | Twitter: @DrinkVitaCup

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When On Abbot Kinney…

Stroller // Baby Carrier // Diaper Bag // My Jumpsuit // My Shoes

Hi Everyone!

Yesterday me and my sister rounded up the kiddos to go Casetify store on Abbot Kinney. They were hosting a special event for us where the kids could make artwork and then when they were done crafting we got to pick our favorite masterpieces to turn into phone cases. It was amazing. The kids had so much fun and I loved seeing their eyes light up at the craft station going to town on their projects.¬†I can’t even handle the cuteness they created. If you follow me on Instagram then you saw the¬†behind the scenes on my InstaStories. When I get the case in the mail I will be sure to share it here in my next post.

After the kids were done crafting we decided to take advantage of the awesome parking spot that we scored and walk around Abbot Kinney for a bit. It was such a beautiful day since it was warm and overcast, in my opinion a perfect combination. We stopped by Blue Bottle for iced lattes and Blue Star for donuts and in between found all of these adorable walls. Both kiddos ended up falling asleep on the walk back to the car which was a #MomWin.

A Bit About This Stroller: I love this stroller because not only does it turn heads but also maneuvers like a dream. The bottom basket was jam packed with the kid’s stuff like outfit changes, water bottles, snacks, balloon animals, and who the heck knows what else but it didn’t effect the smoothness of the ride at all. It also folds up into one piece which is super awesome because our old stroller was two pieces and much harder to break down. It also came with all the accessories, instead of them all being sold separately. How annoying is it when you get a stroller and then you have to buy -everything- separate?! I loved that with this Kangaroo stroller everything is right there in the box. Because it’s a single stroller the kids have to trade off between sitting in the stroller / being worn in a¬†carrier. It’s funny to see them fight over who gets to sit in the stroller, it reminds me of calling shotgun to sit the front seat.

I hope everyone had a fun weekend with family and friends!

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Mommy and Me Shopping || Summer 2017

Hi Everyone!

Last week I did a little summer shopping¬†and¬†I thought I would share with you what I got. I have never been a “jumpsuit person” but I saw so many positive reviews about this one floating around that I thought I would give it a try. It just so happens to be the greatest outfit ever! I have never been comfortable in a one piece anything before but this one is amazing and I am totally a converted “jumpsuit person.” The black floral jumpsuit offered a matching two piece option for Lila, so you know I had to get¬†on that. The black floral is a little out of my comfort zone, so my thought process was that if Lila matches all the attention would be on us matching and not me wearing a floral print. Haha. I’m sure it’ll be great.

I also wanted to share with you a TIP for finding matching pieces for your toddler. When you find a pattern you like, copy and paste the name of the pattern into the shop search bar. It brings up everything with that pattern and often times it brings up matching options for your kiddos. I have the best luck with this technique on this website.

Go ahead and try it next time you find something and you might be surprised how many search results you get. I know I sure was when I typed in “Black Floral” here.

I hope everyone is having a great national donut day. I mean, does any holiday even come close in awesomeness?!



Linen-Blend Tie-Belt Jumpsuit for Women

Tiered Metallic-Stripe Swing Dress for Toddler

Sleeveless V-Neck Maxi Dress for Women

Button-Front Romper for Toddler Girls 

Linen-Blend Tie-Belt Jumpsuit for Women

Embroidered Tie-Front Swing Dress for Women

Floral Tie-Shoulder Swing Top for Toddler

Crinkle-Gauze Shorts for Toddler

Linen-Blend Tie-Belt Jumpsuit for Women

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Our Favorite Snack From Picnics To Parties


Hi Everyone!

I¬†have still been at home recovering, so one of my favorite things to do with Lila is picnic in the front yard. She loves it because she loves to be outside and I love it because I feel like we are doing something without having to leave home. She gets so excited for our picnics and will choose random things¬†that she wants to bring outside. I always let her fill a basket with fruit from the fridge because what’s the harm in that, right? She will usually eat the¬†apple out of all the fruit she brings out because cantaloupe, mango, and orange all require preparation. My favorite guilt free afternoon snack that makes it to our picnic has to be Harvest Snaps.

If you haven’t tried¬†Harvest Snaps you are seriously missing out.¬†Harvest Snaps are made from real, all-natural peas. They have tons of¬†protein and low fat and sodium. I have been eating them for years and my favorite part is that I have no guilt about snacking on them.¬†Lila and my husband love them almost as much as me, so I always have a snack bag full of them in my diaper bag. They are perfect to take on the go and easy to eat in the car for long drives.

There are also eight different flavors, each better than the last. So you can still switch things up with a new flavor here and there. My favorite flavor is the light salted, because I think they are perfect. I’ll switch things up with tomato basil or mango chile lime. They are also¬†gluten free and dairy free, so that’s¬†a win!

I hope everyone had a great long weekend with family. If you are looking for a delicious, healthy snack for at home or on the go, you can find Harvest Snaps near the produce section almost anywhere. Happy Snacking!


*Thank you to Harvest Snaps for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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Something Every Backyard Should Have…

Water Table // Swimsuit // Water Shoes

Hi Everyone!

It is feeling a lot like summer these days! This weekend it was really hot and Lila basically lived in our backyard playing with her water table. This water table is amazing because it comes with so many toys and the second level rains water onto the lower level, which is sure to get a squeal out of your toddler. Living in California, this is a MUST HAVE with baby. I don’t know how I waited this¬†long to get one. I am such a huge fan of this thing and it’s basically like a built in babysitter because this lady is outside for hours splashing away.


We had my family over this weekend it is such a hit with all the cousins. It’s so cute because the first thing they want to do when they get here is change into a swimsuit and run to the backyard. Thankfully we have a cemented backyard so it’s very easy to let the table drain onto the cement and clean up is a breeze.

I hope everyone had a good weekend that involved water!

*Thank you to Step2 for gifting me this item as part of the Step2 toy tester program.

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Matcha Matcha

My Dress // My Shoes // My Tote // Lila’s Dress //¬†Lila’s Shoes //¬†Lila’s Backpack

Hi Everyone!

After a long week at home recovering surgery it felt so good to get dressed in something other than pajamas and hit the town. The second Jake got home from work we went to our local mall so that Lila could run around freely and I could get some fresh air. I wore my new dress from Olive Ave and it instantly became my new favorite. I seriously want my closet to have 20 of these dresses in different colors and patterns. It is comfortable and perfect for adventures.

Thank you to everyone for your sweet comments, messages, and emails with well wishes. Every single one of them lifted my spirit! I can’t wait to feel 100% again. My family has been a huge help this week, whether it was entertaining Lila or keeping me company. I have the best parents and siblings and it’s times like these that make me love them 100x’s more.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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My Mother’s Day Wish List from Kay Jewelers


Hi everyone!

Mother’s Day will be here in a few short days. I love Mother’s Day because I have so many wonderful childhood memories of me and my siblings coming together to make the day special for our mom. We would start the day by going¬†to church together in the morning, then taking her out to lunch, and then giving her¬†the special gifts we had picked out for her.¬†I loved making my mom feel special and also loved the quality family time we had together.

Since becoming a mother, I have appreciated my own mother in ways I never did before. All the great times, and all the not so great times. I know my mom was just doing her best and I appreciate her more than ever. So this Mother’s Day I wanted to spoil her with a piece of jewelry that she totally deserves from¬†¬†Kay Jewelers. My mother is strong, brave, and loves fiercely. I wanted the piece of jewelry I picked out for her to match those qualities of hers.

I remember when I was a little¬†girl I would go through my mom’s¬†jewelry box and make her tell me the story of how she got each piece. Most of her jewelry was from my dad when he returned home from traveling. I loved being in her room and looking at all of her beautiful jewelry, and¬†looking back this is such a sweet memory of mine. Simple moments of her telling me the story that went along with every necklace, bracelet, or earring she owned. Jewelry is so timeless, and I hope that one day I get to share one of these sweet moments with my daughter.

I think no matter what mom is to you, Kay Jewelers has an option to make this a Mother’s Day she will never forget with a huge selection and something for every budget. Here are just a few options from Kay that would make any moms day:


1) Diamond Earrings  /  2) Diamond Earrings  /  3) Diamond Bracelet  /  4) Diamond Bracelet  /  5) Diamond Necklace  /  6) Diamond Necklace

Happy Shopping!

*Thank you to Kay Jewelers for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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Four Unforgettable Mother’s Day Gifts


Hi everyone!

Since Mother’s Day is just around the corner I’m sharing with you some of my favorite, unique gift ideas.¬†I even have some exclusive coupon codes for you so scroll to the bottom of the page if you just can’t wait.

Shopping for Mother’s Day gifts has always a been a fun tradition for me and my siblings to do together, but since becoming a mom it has been even more fun because I know I’ll be getting something the morning of too. By the way, mark your calendars, because¬†May 14th¬†is¬†Mother’s Day! That’s right it’s less than two weeks away so without further ado let’s get shopping!!



Vichy:¬†This is new product I recently discovered and it because an instant must have item for me.¬†MIN√ČRAL 89 is a new generation of moisturizer, that combines 15 Mineral¬†Rich Water with Hyaluronic Acid to fortify skin and make it more¬†resistant to visible aging caused by environmental factors. Can I hear a heck yes?! This is like magic in a bottle and everything I’ve been looking for. My skin instants feels a¬†boost¬†of hydration and I’m left with more¬†vibrant, healthy looking skin. Who is else is chasing¬†the ‘glow’?¬†I switched out my regular moisturizer for¬†MIN√ČRAL 89 and I apply 2 drops spending with¬†outward movements from the middle of my¬†face,¬†without applying too much pressure. This is my new favorite face moisturizer.

Exclusive offer! get 20% off and free shipping РCode: BABBLE Рvalid through 6/30/2017 Рover at Vichy



¬†Sabon – Butter Hand Cream:¬†You really can’t go wrong giving your mom a hand cream. Sabon‚Äôs signature Butter Hand Cream is perfect for any mom because it is super nourishing and will also soothe, protect, and heal busy hands. The consistency¬†is think and creamy and soaks into your skin for a silky soft touch. If that isn’t enough reason to be excited about this one then let me paint a picture of the fresh, sweet scent of almond and the gentle notes of vanilla. Ahhhh. Reminds me of¬†a warm and cozy memory with mom.¬†Sabon is enriched with shea butter for healing and intense hydration. In case you didn’t know shea butter is amazing! It¬†is known to reduce inflammation and¬†heal many skin conditions. If I am looking through ingredients¬†for a hand cream, she butter is the first thing I look for. The size o the bottle is perfect for a nightstand table or as a travel size item or on the go.




23andMe:¬†This one was a no brainer to tell you about since both of my parents just broke down their DNA with this ancestry kit. We don’t know most of my mom’s family and it was super useful information to learn about my family background. Some cool things you get to learn are:¬†your ancestral origins, see where your ancestors lived 500+ years ago, and see how each of your biological parents¬†contributed to your ancestry composition. Cool, right? And a totally unique and awesome gift! It’s really easy to do too all you have to do is provide a¬†saliva sample from home and mail it in (prepaid postage included.) Easy peasy lemon squeezey.

Exclusive offer! Get $20 off through 5/14 РNo special code needed Рover at 23andMe



A Jaffe:¬†This last gift idea has a very special place in my heart. This custom map necklace marks with a diamond the exact location of a very special memory, the place of Lila’s birth. On the back of the necklace I have her name engraved and one day when she is older I plan on passing it down to her.¬†I have so many wonderful memories in this city and¬†I love having this piece around my neck.¬†All of A Jaffe’s sterling silver¬†custom maps include a small diamond¬†that mark the exact location of a special memory, and a¬†custom message is also engraved on the reverse side. You can¬†choose any location in the world, and mark an exact spot¬†with a diamond. This is the perfect Mother’s Day jewelry gift because it is something personalized, unique, and unforgettable.

Exclusive offer! ¬†Buy one. Gift one. Buy a Sterling Silver Round¬†Pendant with a Diamond and get a second¬†one free.¬†Code:¬†MD53MAP –¬†Add both pendants to the shopping¬†cart and then apply¬†the promo code and receive the discount.¬†Chain and back engravings are not included.¬†Multiple offers do not¬†apply.¬†This exclusive offer is valid until 5/24/2017.

* Thank you to on behalf of Singe Edition Media for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.


** Coupon Code Round Up:
  • 23andMe¬†–¬†$20 off through 5/14 – No special code needed
  • Vichy¬†– ¬†20% off and free shipping – Code: BABBLE¬†– valid through¬†6/30/2017
  • A Jaffe – Buy One, Get One. Sterling Silver Round Pendant with Diamond – Code:¬†MD53MAP¬†– valid through 5/24/2017


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