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Hi Friends!

Happy Monday. I have swing music playing in our clean living room with our bags already unpacked and I am feeling like it is indeed a happy Monday. Last Friday we headed west to Marina Del Rey and stayed at the Jamaica Bay Inn- the cutest spot right on the beach. When we arrived to the hotel it was pretty late at night and pitch dark outside so we went straight to our room. Lila was so excited to be in a new place and wanted to explore so badly. I told her in the morning we would make sure to explore every inch of the place but that she had to go to bed. When we woke up in the morning we went straight to our balcony and realized how beautiful the grounds were. The sun was shining bright and you could smell the ocean breeze- it was pretty fantastic.

For breakfast we ordered room service and watched Disney Channel with Lila on the bed. If that’s not vacation I don’t what it is! After breakfast we got dressed and walked around the grounds and then the beach. There was an adorable playground right there on the beach and we had to tear Lila away from it. When we all have worked up an appetite from playtime we took a short walk back to the hotel restaurant. That restaurant became a quick favorite of mine, their fish tacos I am already craving again! After lunch at the hotel we checked out the gorgeous heated pool with a view. Lila absolutely loves to swim and the temperature of this pool was beyond. When we were done at the pool we went back to the room and gave Lila a shower and got her in cozy clothes hoping we could get her to take a nap, since she got all of that exercise at the pool.

Later in the evening we stayed in the room since it was dark outside. What’s up with it getting dark at 4 o’clock these days?? The room was so cozy it was really easy to just hang out and lounge. We brought a small backpack of activates for Lila to do and play with so she was happy just to have music on and coloring with her toys around her.

I definitely did not miss home this trip. Something about those ocean ions just keep your mind at ease. I also loved our morning walks around the hotel. It was such a beautiful place to explore and experience. I already want to come back to just to get those fish tacos and go on a walk through the sand with Lila.

Thanks for reading! If you are looking for a place to stay while visiting Los Angeles, look no further!



Celeste Wright


*Thank to you the Jamaica Bay for hosting us this weekend.

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Disney Junior #DisneyJuniorFRiYAY Live Event

By on June 30, 2017

Hi Everyone!

Chances are everyone reading this has heard of Disney Junior. We happen to be huge fans of Disney Junior whether it’s watching shows on Disney Channel or a visit to Disneyland. A few days ago Lila and I had an amazing opportunity to attend a Disney Junior Live Event right here in Los Angeles! So keep on scrolling for behind the scenes photos of the event, inspiration for a pinterest perfect Puppy Dog Pals party, and something exciting happening every Friday all summer long of Disney Junior.

The event was held in a gorgeous home in the foothills of Enico, California. Upon arriving to the entrance of the home was decor ranging from balloons, bubbles, and even paw prints leading up the door. It was so festive and Lila was immediately in puppy dog paradise. Once walking through the door the children got to adopt a (balloon) puppy that would accompany them through the event. Lila loves her’s so much and it is still providing a good amount of entertainment in our living room.

The decor of this event was so creative and detailed. Everything was to theme of Disney Junior’s new show, Puppy Dog Pals. A few of my favorite details were the puppy dog cake pops, Fetch sticks (pretzel sticks), and the bone shaped sugar cookies.

In the backyard was a table for face painting, DIY collar (bracelet) station, and a gorgeous table set up for the children to enjoy their snacks. Lila couldn’t get enough of the toys in the backyard and went down the slide probably 50 times.

Once the children got a good amount of energy out we were invited to the family room for a premier of a brand new episode of Puppy Dog Pals on Disney Channel. I made Lila a special popcorn mixed with pretzels, goldfish, & m&m’s and she sat through the whole episode snacking away.

The best part is the fun doesn’t have to end. EVERY Friday all summer long Disney Junior will be releasing new episodes of your favorite shows airing on Friday mornings on Disney Channel. Now is that a good FRiYAY surprise or what? Below is the full schedule, which show are you most excited for? #DisneyJuniorFRiYAY

FRiYAY, 6/30 – Sofia the First @ 9am followed by an all-new Elena of Avalor
FRiYAY, 7/7 – Back to back Lion Guard starting @ 8am followed by an all-new Puppy Dog Pals
FRiYAY, 7/14– Lion Guard starting @ 8am followed by all-new Mickey & The Roadster Racers and Puppy Dog
FRiYAY,  7/21 –Lion Guard @ 8am followed by all-new Sofia The First and Elena of Avalor
FRiYAY, 7/28- Mickey & The Roadster Racers @8:30am followed by an all-new Puppy Dog Pals
FRiYAY,  8/4 – Sofia the First @ 9am
FRiYAY, 8/11 – Lion Guard @ 8am followed by all-new Mickey and the Roadster Racers  and Puppy Dog Pals
FRiYAY, 8/18 – Sofia The First @ 9am followed by an all-new Elena of Avalor

I love that Disney Junior is offering all new episodes every FRiYAY morning on Disney Channel because who doesn’t love a NEW episode of a show. I seriously get so excited for a new story, especially when I have seen the last season of the show 100 times with my toddler. Her favorite show is Sofia the First and you better believe I can quote all three seasons of the show.

I like that Lila watches Sofia the First because Sofia faces obstacles in every episode and always chooses to do the right thing. She is brave, graceful, and a great role model for little girls. I love seeing Lila completely captivated during the episodes and talking about them with her after. She always tells me, “Sofia is so brave” and when she does something brave she’ll tell me, “Mom, I’m brave like Sofia!” It really is heartwarming to have her learn life lessons from a show and apply them to her life.

This summer Disney Junior is putting the yay in FRiYAY for our family by having a weekly playdate to enjoy the new episodes and while enjoying a special treat like Mickey pancakes or maybe Disney shaped fruit snacks. I am excited to get creative every week and have something to look forward to on Friday mornings. I hope everyone will join me in watching! Leave me a comment with what show you are most excited for.
*Thank you to Disney Junior for generously sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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