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Stroller // Baby Carrier // Diaper Bag // My Jumpsuit // My Shoes

Hi Everyone!

Yesterday me and my sister rounded up the kiddos to go Casetify store on Abbot Kinney. They were hosting a special event for us where the kids could make artwork and then when they were done crafting we got to pick our favorite masterpieces to turn into phone cases. It was amazing. The kids had so much fun and I loved seeing their eyes light up at the craft station going to town on their projects. I can’t even handle the cuteness they created. If you follow me on Instagram then you saw the behind the scenes on my InstaStories. When I get the case in the mail I will be sure to share it here in my next post.

After the kids were done crafting we decided to take advantage of the awesome parking spot that we scored and walk around Abbot Kinney for a bit. It was such a beautiful day since it was warm and overcast, in my opinion a perfect combination. We stopped by Blue Bottle for iced lattes and Blue Star for donuts and in between found all of these adorable walls. Both kiddos ended up falling asleep on the walk back to the car which was a #MomWin.

A Bit About This Stroller: I love this stroller because not only does it turn heads but also maneuvers like a dream. The bottom basket was jam packed with the kid’s stuff like outfit changes, water bottles, snacks, balloon animals, and who the heck knows what else but it didn’t effect the smoothness of the ride at all. It also folds up into one piece which is super awesome because our old stroller was two pieces and much harder to break down. It also came with all the accessories, instead of them all being sold separately. How annoying is it when you get a stroller and then you have to buy -everything- separate?! I loved that with this Kangaroo stroller everything is right there in the box. Because it’s a single stroller the kids have to trade off between sitting in the stroller / being worn in a carrier. It’s funny to see them fight over who gets to sit in the stroller, it reminds me of calling shotgun to sit the front seat.

I hope everyone had a fun weekend with family and friends!

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The Shop Up: Blogger Breakfast


Hi Everyone!

On Monday morning Lila and I attended a super fun breakfast for LA Bloggers at the Springs in Downtown LA. After the breakfast we got to spend a whole hour getting meet and mingle with our favorite brands. It was such a fun morning and Lila loved all the pink donuts, glitter tattoos, and fun crafts. I’ve rounded up my top favorite shops and I can’t wait to share them with you!


  • Tula: I never owned a Tula until two days ago, and I have to say- I’m hooked! It is so comfortable to wear my 30 pound toddler in and the prints/patterns are beyond cute. It was so fun getting to meet some of the girls and have them show me all the amazing products they offer besides carriers. Their swaddle blankets are beyond soft. Love em so much!
  • Minnow: Lila has one of their swimsuits and it was so fun to meet the mama behind the brand. Her suits are the absolute cutest! A must have for summer.
  • Alice + Ames: I’m sure this is obvious, but the couple behind Alice + Ames are total goals! If I was still single and I met them, they would make me want to get married and start a family before I went to bed that day. Seriously the most beautiful family inside and out. So no surprise that their dresses are perfection. I got Lila a leotard dress and she has worn it nonstop since. I think I may have to stock up because it’s all she’ll wear.
  • Zozu Baby: If Lila is wearing bows, there is a 99% chance they are Zozu Baby bows. Why? Because they are the BEST bows. I have gotten a lot, like a lot a lot, of bows for my little girl, but nothing compares to these. We can’t get enough of them. It was so fun to meet Sandy in person and get to squeal over her new patterns coming soon.
  • Sakura Bloom: I have a few ring slings that I love so I knew I was going to love Sakura Bloom. I got a darling gray linen sling in my gift bag and went to their booth to have them fit me. They helped me put Lila in the sling and tightened it to me and I swear I could have done an entire workout with my 30 pounds slung to me. It was amazing! Those girls are pro and I need to call one to come fit me every day. Haha.
  • Seedling: We love our friends at Seedling and all their fun activities for toddles. Their craft area did not disappoint and Lila made about 5 pom pom necklaces. They have the cutest new toddler activity kits too! Perfect gift for any birthday party coming up!
  • Rose & Rex: I saved the best for last! My friend Allie runs the worlds most fun and lovely toy shop. She curates the shop with the best, most innovative brands and to top it all off she is so fun and lovely in person just like her brand. We love you Allie! If you’re looking for some super cool toys to distract your toddler long enough so you can go to the bathroom alone click here.

Thanks for reading!

*Photos via Babycinno Kids

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Hi everyone!

Yesterday afternoon we attended Ju-Ju-Be’s annual Ju-Ju-Beach event at a beautiful private estate in Laguna Beach, CA. We were greeted by a massive ballon archway that led into the beach house. The balloons were so bright and added an instant element of FUN.

Lila and I had our own beach chairs under an umbrella with a perfect view of the beach ahead. There were sand toys everywhere and Step2 water tables which was so, so fun! The beach was closed off to the public, which gave me a huge sense of security to let Lila run free. She loved dipping her toes in the water and collecting water in her bucket to bring back to the water tables.

The food was beyond perfect for beach day. Who can resist a grilled cheese bar? I added avacado, argue, tomato, spinach, and seasoning to mine. It was the best grilled cheese! There was also chips with dips and all the guacamole you could eat.

It was a nearly perfect day with our friends. Thanks to Ju-Ju-Be for hosting us today!

Till next time..

*Photos by Jeffrey Repreza

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Easter at The Langham Pasadena

Egg Hunt

Last year Lila had her first real experience with attending egg hunts and immediately we knew that she had some special feelings for Easter. Since that day we’ve kept a basket of easter eggs in her room and she has played with them consistently all year long, so much so that she has opening them down to such a science that we can’t get them closed again fast enough for her. The most special egg hunt for her was undoubtedly the one that took place at the Langham, and it seemed like every time she played with her eggs throughout the year we talked about going there again, so we knew as it came around the corner we had to make it a tradition for our family.


This year Lila appreciated the egg hunt even more, and displayed her skills like a pro when she got out on the lawn. The only thing that held her back was the size of her basket which was quickly overflowing. She really made the most of it and enjoyed every minute. I have no doubt that the egg hunt at the Langham is the best not only in Pasadena, but anywhere that I have ever been. Everything about it is perfect from the location to the eggs and their prizes, and even the adorable outfits on all of the little ones, this egg hunt is truly on another level.


Petting Zoo + Train Ride

In the immediate vicinity of the egg hunt there were so many fun things going on that were all geared for the little ones. The petting zoo they coordinate is seriously ADORABLE! They not only have bunnies and chickens, but sheep, baby goats, ducks, piglets, and a baby cow! Lila couldn’t get enough of the baby bunnies and spent way too long just petting them and talking to them like she does with her stuffed animals at home. Right next to the petting zoo they had the best Easter Bunny who was being so cute with all of the kids that were there, so when the line wasn’t too long we ran over so that Lila could get a photo with him. Usually she is a little bit skeptical of costumed characters at first and doesn’t like to get too close, but she ran right up to him and gave him a huge hug for the better part of a minute and wouldn’t let him go. Did I mention yet that this kid loves Easter and can’t get enough of the Langham?

To top off all of the activities on the lawn they have badminton, croquet, and a full on train ride! Last year we had a blast riding the train as a family and Lila remembered it well because she was asking for the train ride before it was even in sight. Long story made very short we rode that train somewhere between 8 and 10 times throughout the morning and you know what, it never got old! Lila was so excited and loved riding in a different color car each time, she couldn’t get enough of the conductor and appreciated it every time he made a “toot toot”.



If there was one part of our stay that I have to admit I was most excited for, it was the brunch. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a waffle bar. As excited as I was and as high as my expectations were, the brunch was even better. Every single thing I tasted was delectable from the sushi and seafood bar, to the omelette station and the expansive table of breakfast foods. Sometimes I struggle with buffet style dining because I feel like they do an okay job at a lot of dishes, but don’t really have a focus. That was absolutely not the case here, it was as if they had one chef devoted to each particular dish and nothing felt like it was just a filler.

Beyond all of the amazing options in the main dining room they had the most adorable selection of pastries and an entire section of foods for kids. The kids corner was not only perfect for Lila’s taste buds, but they even had it set up low to the ground so that she was able to feel involved with the selection. Their whole set up was genius because Lila ate more in one sitting than I have ever seen her eat, and she’s an amazing little eater!

Of course the literal icing on the cake was the gigantic display of incredible desserts. I thought I was too full from the several plates I had already eaten to even think about sweets, but after one look I found myself getting one of everything to try, and making a couple of quick trips back to the chocolate fountain for another skewer of strawberries. I know I shouldn’t have, but hey, Easter only comes once a year and, well, I deserve it!



All in all we could not have imagined a better way to spend easter as a family than what we actually experienced at the Langham. The hotel is like a palace from my dreams, Lila literally referred to it as her “beautiful castle: throughout our entire stay and said “were homeeee” every time we walked into our room. The staff were amazing, the food was fantastic, the scenery was breathtaking, the mattress was heavenly, the people were friendly, and Easter was magical because of it. The Langham can count on seeing us again next year, and the next, and every one after that.

*A very special thank you to the Langham Pasadena for hosting us this weekend.

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Easter Celebration with Tubby Todd x Seedling

Hi everyone!

Today we went to a special Easter event hosted by Tubby Todd x Seedling. Both brands are female run and make amazing products! I was big fan of both brands before today, but now that I know the amazing team behind the scenes I love them so much more. On the agenda for today was cookie decorating with FoodStirs, hand on playtime with Seedling Little’s Creative Play Kits, and an Egg Hunt with baskets from Plum and Sparrow. We had a great morning seeing some of our favorite faces and getting aquatinted with new ones as well. I love seeing Lila run around with other kids her age and engaging in the activities.

Thanks for reading! Who’s excited for Easter?! 🙂

*Photos by Emma Feil Photography

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Fashion Mamas Easter with Ladurée at The Grove


Last weekend Lila and I were treated to an exclusive Easter celebration with French luxury bakery Ladurée at The Grove. VIP festivities included a bunny petting zoo, crafting, balloons, face-painting, photos with the Easter bunny, mimosas, and of course, Ladurée’s iconic macarons. Teak & Lace did an amazing job creating the kids crafting stations, and The Grove put together jam-packed Easter baskets for our little ones.

You can see more on the FM Journal.


*Photos by Howl & Rose

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SoCal Children’s Museum Play Date



One of my favorite places to take Lila when we need to get out of the house for some indoor fun is the SoCal Children’s Museum in Pasadena. It’s just a few minutes from our home and is the perfect place to go rain or shine, with one friend or with nine. A few days ago we went with a few friends which turned into an epic playdate.




My friend Rachel Pitzel threw Britax’s Half Birthday party with Tubby Todd and Gathre in the private space the museum has available. The event was for moms and babies in the 6 month age range, a stage we have long been out of. So a few of my lovely mama friends from around town came with me to join in on some big kid fun.




TayrnRai, and Hannah are true diamonds in motherhood. I am so lucky to be surrounded with such amazing positive ladies and so lucky Lila’s best playmates have such awesome moms. When choosing to move to the Pasadena area while pregnant with Lila, I dreamed about meeting moms that were half as amazing as they are.




While the kids were running wild I noticed a familiar face from one of our favorite parks. We have a habit of running into her and her son Lila’s age unplanned and often. My group and her group connected and it was such a lovely surprise to combine our playdates.




I love days like today when I am reminded of all the amazing women I am surrounded by. I am so lucky to know and be apart of this community of amazing mamas and bebes. If you find yourself in the area with an energetic toddler, make sure to check this place out.



All Photos by Rai Zapata


Left to Right: Rai, Tayrn, Rachel, Me, Hannah

mural behind us by Oh Joy!

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Hanna Andersson Grand Opening at Del Amo Fashion Center



Last night we went to the Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrence for a private grand opening of Hanna Andersson’s new location. I have been a huge fan of Hanna Andersson since stumbling into the Fashion Island location when Lila was about 3 months old. I remember walking into the store and my jaw literally dropping because all their prints were so adorable and playful. We got her a few things from their layette collection that day and they are some of my favorite things in her baby box.


When checking in there was a table of various cupcakes and lemonade glasses. As if that isn’t good enough they also gave everyone a free pair of their iconic ecru/dark heather stripe jammies and your name was entered win a raffle to win 1 of 5 gift cards for the evening.


I have never been to the Del Amo Fashion Center before and I think we are going to come back awfully soon because there were so many stores I wanted to stop and check out when walking straight to Hanna Andersson. One thing we did get to do was take advantage of the mall’s breastfeeding area donated by The Honest Co. I think it’s so awesome when there is a nice lounge area to take your baby to where you feel comfortable just kicking your feet up and nursing your babe. I wish there was one of these awesome lounges everywhere I went.

If you live in Torrence or if find yourself at the Del Amo Fashion Center stop by and say hi to my friends at Hanna Andersson. Or if you want to shop online they have the cutest christmas jammies. We may or not be so stocked up that we will be wearing them through the spring!

Happy Holidays!



This season’s layette. Seriously it could not be cuter! Why can’t they make these for big kids too??

This is the dress Lila was wearing. It’s actually a top for bigger kids, but we wanted it anyways and figured it would fit her forever this way.

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Party at the Pumpkin Patch



With the end of the month slowly creeping up on us I wanted to make sure we made it to a pumpkin patch the second we were both healthy enough to enjoy ourselves. Funny enough it ended up being the hottest day of the week, a scorching 100 degree day.




We covered the wheel barrow with our Gathre mat and I am so glad we thought to bring it because the wheel barrows were so hot from the sun. We love about keeping our mat in the car, because it always comes in handy in so many different ways. The mat is also waterproof so if you lay it on wet grass the water doesn’t slip through. I can’t tell you how may times this has saved picnic time at the park.




Lila had so much fun in the wheel barrow mixed in with all the pumpkins. As we walked through the rows she kept chirping, “more pumpkin!” It was so cute to see her excited and also blending in with all the pumpkins. After picking our pumpkins we enjoyed some of the games and activities. Her favorite was what I call ‘toddler town’ which was basically just a whole bunch of plastic playhouses, slides, and play kitchens. She was the only kid in there for about 20 minutes and she couldn’t have been happier about it.

Has anyone else made it to a pumpkin patch?




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Baby Bjorn’s Fall Party at Mr Bones Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday we attended a lovely fall party showcasing Baby Bjorn‘s new line The Woods at Mr. Bone’s Pumpkin Patch in Culver City. The colors of their new line are spot on for fall, but timeless enough to wear all year.


Gorgeous decor by Bashery and Co


Ever since I was a young girl I have developed hay fever almost instantly upon arriving at our local farm. I haven’t been to a farm or pumpkin patch in years and I decided to brave it. Unfortunately I did not outgrow my hay fever allergy so we had to cut the party short.



Yummy donuts by Fantastic Donuts


There were pumpkins to paint and decorate for the kiddos, and we did not leave without our fair share of glitter glue and pom poms on our clothes. Luckily we got there before the event started so I was able to take some photos on my phone before guests arrived.




One of the best parts of this event was catching up with some of my favorite mommy friends. You can see all the photos of the event on Instagram searching hashtag #FallForBabyBjorn or by clicking here.



There were pumpkins of every size, shape, and color. It was so much fun seeing all the pumpkins and to see Lila play at all the activities they had for the kids to do.



We will definitely have to come back again before Halloween. Thanks for having us Rachel Pitzel! You’re one heck of a party planner.


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