Five Toddler Made Father’s Day Gifts

June 10, 2017

Hi Everyone!

Father’s Day is officially one week away so here are some gift ideas I put together that you can make with the help of your kiddo. They are all super fun and we will be finishing making these ourselves throughout the week to surprise dad with next Sunday. I love making these gifts with Lila because she knows she is decorating for daddy. So sweet!




Design Your Own Marble Maze – a DIY Virtual Reality Adventure
A classic game reinvented. Step inside your imagination and design your own virtual reality marble maze!

Casetify Kids
Turn their masterpiece into phone cases and tech accessories, and show them off everywhere you go.
*You can get 20% off your order with code: CELESTE20

Make a Mini Foosball Table
For those moments they can’t actually be on the field, there’s nothing better than a portable foosball table game. This easy to make DIY kit contains everything needed to build the field, create the players, and play your own foosball game.

Make Your Own Bow Tie
Put a fresh twist on a classic look by designing your own original bow tie. Use the pieces in our DIY kit different patterns of fabrics, premade Velcro strips, and leather string to create one that’ll stand out from the crowd. Make yours to match Dad!

Design Your Own Box Kite
Become a master designer of your own custom box kite. Our DIY kit contains a foldout box kite, tubes of fabric paint, and different colors of glitter glue to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that will soar.

I hope these ideas helped inspire you to make a super thoughtful Father’s Day gift. Let me know in the comments which one was your favorite.


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