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Five Truths And A Lie About Co-Sleeping With A Toddler

November 5, 2016



I co-sleep for my family, my baby, and for me. I’m not saying every other mom should co-sleep  and I know it doesn’t work for everyone, but every mama has a gut and my mama gut told me to co-sleep. In fact, I’ve been co-sleeping with Lila since she was about 4 hours old. The nurses didn’t want me to in the hospital when she was born, but the nurses weren’t her mom. I wanted to have my baby in my arms every single second.




Just like I believe in letting her learn at her own pace, and try new things at her own pace, I think that she can move to her own bed when she is ready. We won’t be sharing those precious moments forever, and if it is working for us why change it? Yes she hogs the bed, and yes, I have been startled awake by a foot to the face. But the benefits outweigh the negatives for us.




Co-sleeping actually has several positive benefits like security, closeness, and ease of nursing. I feel like we’ve avoided an incredible amount of stress and unrest by doing what works best for us. This was a no brainer choice for me because I coslept, my siblings coslept, and my siblings cosleep with their children. We never even purchased a crib because I was so positive we weren’t going to use it. I suppose I could have been wrong and Lila wanted to sleep on her own, but that most certainly was not the case.




Everything on our co-sleeping journey has been smooth sailing and sound sleeping but recently our little baby has entered full blown toddler stage and we decided to try a DockATot to see if that would give her more of a defined space in our bed. If you haven’t heard of DockATot it is a multi-functional lounger; both a co-sleeper and playtime lounger. They are handmade in Europe, designed in Sweden, OEKO-TEX certified, all natural, and 100% cotton. For those reasons it was basically a no brainer when deciding on a co-sleeper.




There were two sizes to pick from Deluxe for 0-8 Months and Grand 9-36 months. We went with the Grand and it fits her perfectly with plenty of room to grow. We have a Cal King bed and it takes up about 30% of the bed which is a lot less than the 70% she was somehow taking up without it. Jake and I sleep on either side of DockATot keeping Lila in the middle of the bed for safety reasons. We have been using it for a few months now and it is exactly the transition we needed while still having her close.




5 Truths About Cosleeping With My Toddler

  • I often wake up to my husband saying, “Lila just kicked me so hard in the face!”
  • Every morning I wake up to snuggles, kisses, and laughter. (Okay and an eye poke.)
  • I believe in the scientific studies that prove co-sleeping encourages independence due to reduced separation anxiety and builds self esteem
  • I feel comfort in knowing that if she wakes up, I can comfort her in a matter of seconds
  • I need her to fall asleep just as much as she needs me.


1 Lie About Cosleeping With My Toddler

  • I have regretted my decision to co-sleep. (Not once.)

Do you co-sleep with your kiddos? What has your experience been like so far?





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This post was made in collaboration with DockATot. All opinions are my own.

  1. My daughter is in a bassinet in our room and my 3 year old has his own toddler bed in his room. He often ends up in our bed in the middle of the night, but we do enjoy having the bed to ourselves when we go to bed.

  2. My fiancé and I are no where near having kids, but my mommy friend co-sleeps with her 3 year old and has since she was born, so I’ve always been sort of curious about this. I haven’t decided whether it’s something we’re going to do because we’re both “sprawler” sleepers, and I don’t know how that would work with a third body in the bed.

  3. We co-slept for a small amount of time. Now that their getting older, my daughter has been climbing back into bed with us, and I have to say, I truly enjoy it. She’s growing so fast and will soon not want to come sneaking in. This seems like an excellent product for those wanting to co-sleep.

  4. I co slept with my first daughter as she needed. She still comes and pops into bed with me every now and then (shes almost 4) but she also loves sleeping in her own bed. My second daughter (1 year old) has never liked sleeping with me, she would rather be in her cot next to my bed. All kids are different and you know your babies better than anyone.

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