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Flashcards Are Fun

October 17, 2017



Hi Everyone!
Everyday for about 20-30 minutes I attempt an educational activity with Lila. Her favorite activity hands down is flashcards. She has a few different sets but I am always looking for something new for her. I found these cute ones from Stuck On You and was sold when I saw that you could personalize them. I customized her name on the cards/card carrier and picked out the pink option. She loves them so much and they are the perfect size to throw in the diaper bag. I will be taking these everywhere from now on.
Since I was already getting the flashcards I also added to my cart a learning book. I thought it would be a good thing to have to take a restaurant or have saved for a rainy day. The book is super cute and it has already gotten a lot of love from Lila. Stuck On You also has other activities, personalized books, bags, lunch boxes, drink bottles, stationery, bag tags and tons of other options.
I hope you enjoyed my latest find!
Celeste Wright

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