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December 22, 2016

L’OREAL EXTRAORDINARY CLAY: Pre Shampoo Mask, Shampoo, and Conditioner

I’ll admit, I have never been one to be impressed by a shampoo. Even my go-to shampoo
leaves me disappointed at times. I am so excited to share with you my first hair washing experience in years where I turned off the water with roots feeling squeaky clean.

I have yet to try a pre shampoo mask until today and let me tell you, there is no going back. This mask is made to be applied generously to dry hair and sucks up all the oil from your scalp. Think of it like the clay mask like for your face sucking up all the nasty from your pores. It was a sensation feeling a the mask cooling and hardening on my scalp. When I washed it out it felt like I had shampooed my hair three times. Best. Feeling. Ever.

I then applied and rinsed the Extraordinary Clay shampoo and conditioner as normal. I left the shower feeling 5 pounds lighter and my hair smelled amazing. I can’t quite put my finger on what the scent was but I normally don’t like shampoo smells, and this time I kept pulling my hair ends to my nose for a whiff. This product line was specifically designed for oily roots and dry ends which totally sums up my hair type. I have thick and wavy hair and I am very picky with conditioner so naturally I was worried this one wouldn’t do the trick, but I am quite please to be wrong and absolutely loved the conditioner. Even better the price. Each of the three products are budget friendly and I can’t wait for the L’Oreal Extraordinary Clay line to hit stores because I will be using this line for a very long time.

Let me know if this is a product you hair would love too!

*Thank you to L’OREAL for these complimentary products. All opinions are my own.

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