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My #LoveYourHair Journey

December 21, 2016

When I was younger I used to be really self conscious about my hair. It has always been thick and wavy and I have spent most of life never wearing it down unless it was straightened. I’ve been using a flat iron since elementary school and quickly learned to there’s no excuse for not using a heat protectant. My older sister faced similar insecurities with the same unruly, thick, and wavy hair as me and taught me her tips and tricks for getting hair as straight as possible.

Since having a baby I spend way less time worrying if my hair is straightened, or clean for that matter. I have learned to embrace my natural hair and hope to carry that positive mindset to my daughter, teaching her to love her hair. I know that one day she will come to me unsure of those curly red locks of hers, but I will continually tell her why I  love her hair and why I want her to love her hair.

Dove Hair believes a positive role model can greatly impact a girl’s confidence. In fact, a recent Dove study found that 82% of girls learn to care about themselves from their mother. I know my mother did not make a continuous effort to remind me I had beautiful hair, and I know I can make a difference helping ensure my daughter grows up feeling confident.

Thank you for letting me share my #LoveYourHair journey with you. You can create and share your own custom animated message with Dove here:


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  1. You have beautiful hair!! Dove is one of the best brands for hair! Thanks for sharing your story with us.. Kisses to this little princess 🙂

  2. Your photos are lovely, your little one is very cute. The only time I think about my hair is when my daughter points out my grey hairs!je

  3. I was in awe when you said you were self-conscious about your hair because it was “thick and wavy” –those are words I would LOVE to use to describe my thin, super straight hair. lol! You look stunning in the photos and I’m sure you will make a good role model to your daughter <3

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