Mommy And Me Matching Backpacks For The Adventures Ahead

January 31, 2018

My Outfit: Romper // Shoes // Backpack // Sunglasses (25% off w/ CELESTEDIFF

Lila’s Outfit: Dress // Shoes // Backpack


So let me just put it out there- matching your little one is the best right?! Well these backpacks just put it over the top for me. My backpack is actually my most favorite style diaper bag so I am carrying everything I need for my little lady while she packs everything she can fit from her room on our outings. I think it’s hilarious that she packs a bag each time we leave the house, but hey that’s not a battle worth picking for me. Just carry the bag girl, and I’ll just be over here matching you! Haha.

I like to think that we are pretty active and spontaneous with our adventures but this past month for us has been a doozie. We started the month sick, but inspired for the year ahead. Then right on the tail end of that sickness, Lila picked up a cold that spread to me and we both have been just feeling yucky all month. I am still going to the chiropractor to help my shoulder injury but I had to decrease my appointments to once a week because getting out of the house has been a bit difficult.

This week has been much better and I can feel our spirits coming alive again. We have had such great week doing small outings close by. Lila’s birthday is on Sunday, so while I want to take her to Disneyland so badly and go do other fun things I think I have to keep her home until her birthday. I can’t wait to share with you about her birthday weekend.


Celeste Wright



*Photos by Rebecca Orlandini Photography

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