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New Year, Cleaner Home, and More Purposeful Purchases

January 11, 2017

Good morning friends!

Right now I’m sipping on some coffee getting mentally prepared to sort through and box up all the clutter from around the house that I piled up in the living room.  I am feel so excited to start the new year off with a major purge of unwanted items and I feel good about donating it to a worthy cause. It might be an all day affair but I know tonight will be a peaceful sleep knowing it’s over.

I also wanted to share with you one of my most loved brands, Replay RecycledLila has been using their sippy cups since she was just a few months old and to this day they are her favorite cup. As a mom I love them because they are totally spill proof. She can throw them out of the stroller, drop them from a shopping cart, or turn them upside down and shake them. The rest of their line up of plates, bowls, utensils, etc are just as sturdy and just as loved in our home.

My favorite product of theirs is snack stacks. Of course I use them for Lila’s snacks, but I also use them to store my granola for my morning yogurt. I also use them for storing sprinkles, m&m’s, and nuts. The stacks are air tight and keep the food inside fresh which helps me do my job as mom better by having snacks that aren’t stale.

Part of my home purge included getting rid of a lot of dishes and cups that we don’t use. I prefer the quality of the Replay dishes so I am doing inventory now to see what we could use more of. As a treat for getting rid of things we don’t use I’m going to get a few extra pieces like pink flat plates and bowls that we use everyday. Out with the old and in the with the new.

As excited as I am to get the kitchen cabinets in order, the biggest purge was done in the living room. I think I will share with you some photos next week because it is seriously unrecognizable.

I hope everyone has a great week!

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* Photos by Sadaf Murad Photography

** This post was made in collaboration with Replay Recycled. All opinions are my own.

  1. I love replay!! I’ve been feeling exactly the same way about purging!! Hopefully I can stick to a more simple clutter free life!!

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