Our First Family Photos

November 14, 2016

This morning we took family photos with the lovely Sadaf Murad in Old Town Pasadena and I am so excited to see how they turned out. I was talking with Sadaf a few weeks ago about how we have no professional photos of our family, and she offered to help us change that. I was so excited about finally being able to have precious photos to look back on.  Every image from the shoot will be treasured so hard and definitely framed and hung on our walls immediately.




It’s kind of funny to us that we never had professional photos taken because we know a ton of photographers and could have easily had some done by now. A photographer friend of ours did our wedding photos which I was so excited about her doing but we stilllllll don’t have them. So maybe I’m just scared from that.




We were going to do our session walking around Old Town Pasadena because this where I think of when I think of “home” and I wanted our first family photos to capture where we were at this point in our lives. We ended up doing them inside her gorgeous studio because it was around noon once we were all situated and and Lila was super cranky and ready for her nap. So we stayed in her studio which is about a block away from where we took these photos after. Lila loves the courtyard in One Colorado and it’s the perfect place to let her stretch her legs. It also has the best public restroom in Old Town, which is one of toughest things to find here.




Something I never, ever want to forget is our time living here. In ten years we might still live here or in ten years I will be looking back at these photos remembering all the good times.





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