Pitch Dark At Four O’Clock

November 13, 2016



Ever since the time change our time outdoors ends much faster. It has been getting dark much faster and Lila has also been taking her naps like clockwork. She usually naps from 12:00 to 3:00 and by the time she wakes up there’s only about an hour of daylight left.




We live a short walk away from the LA Arboretum and like to visit frequently. Today we managed to get up there for a few minutes of walking around after Lila’s nap. We had to run home because shortly after we got  there the sun was already setting.




This little courtyard behind our house is one of Lila’s favorite places to explore. It’s completely enclosed so I can let her run free and know that she can’t get far. As she gets older I love how she also becomes more independent when playing. When we are outside or go to the playground she can easily entertain herself now which makes for outdoor time that we both enjoy.




Normally when we would go outside she had a hard time listening and staying close. We have been practicing walking by holding hands instead of the stroller and it’s so awesome to see her take on the responsibility instead of trying to run away and head for a staircase to climb.

Something on my list for today is to find some fun activities for us to indoors. What are some of your favorites?





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