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Play and Play and Play All Day

November 17, 2016



When we gave Lila her own room over the summer, in my head it was going to be an instant change where should we spend hours playing in there and not need me as much for entertainment. For the longest time the only way she would play in there is if I was in the room with her. In the past weeks she has become much more independent when it comes to playing in her room.




Every once in a while the house will be ‘too quiet’ and I’ll tip toe around trying to find her. More than half the time she is in her room either flipping through her books or playing with her dollhouse. It’s truly one of my favorite things to see her totally content letting her imagination run wild with her toys.




When I was a little girl playing in my room was probably my favorite pastime. I used to call it “imagination time” and if I was I bored running errands with my mom I would always say, “Mom can we go home so I can have some imagination time?” It’s so funny looking back because playing in my room was a huge part of day that I couldn’t be interrupted for. I used to even sometimes set my alarm early in elementary school so I could get playtime if I knew I was going to busy after school.




My favorite thing to play with was my dollhouse, which believe it or not used to live on that pink table Lila is coloring on. This table and chair set was one of the first things my mom got for my room when we moved here from Israel. Lila has a small dollhouse that we keep on the floor so she can sit in front of and play with and a giant 3 story dollhouse (that we use mainly for toy storage.) When she gets a little bit older I might try to find a dollhouse like I had to put on that table again. For now, I am embracing the crayon markings because it’s her turn to spend endless hours in imagination time.






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  1. I was never very good at playing on my own – so I’m told! I needed stimulation from other people so it’s great to see she has her own imagination and independence!

  2. I love going and watching my children playing without them knowing. It is such a wonderful sight to see them happily interacting with each other.

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