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SoCal Children’s Museum Play Date

October 30, 2016



One of my favorite places to take Lila when we need to get out of the house for some indoor fun is the SoCal Children’s Museum in Pasadena. It’s just a few minutes from our home and is the perfect place to go rain or shine, with one friend or with nine. A few days ago we went with a few friends which turned into an epic playdate.




My friend Rachel Pitzel threw Britax’s Half Birthday party with Tubby Todd and Gathre in the private space the museum has available. The event was for moms and babies in the 6 month age range, a stage we have long been out of. So a few of my lovely mama friends from around town came with me to join in on some big kid fun.




TayrnRai, and Hannah are true diamonds in motherhood. I am so lucky to be surrounded with such amazing positive ladies and so lucky Lila’s best playmates have such awesome moms. When choosing to move to the Pasadena area while pregnant with Lila, I dreamed about meeting moms that were half as amazing as they are.




While the kids were running wild I noticed a familiar face from one of our favorite parks. We have a habit of running into her and her son Lila’s age unplanned and often. My group and her group connected and it was such a lovely surprise to combine our playdates.




I love days like today when I am reminded of all the amazing women I am surrounded by. I am so lucky to know and be apart of this community of amazing mamas and bebes. If you find yourself in the area with an energetic toddler, make sure to check this place out.



All Photos by Rai Zapata


Left to Right: Rai, Tayrn, Rachel, Me, Hannah

mural behind us by Oh Joy!

  1. This looks fun! My husband works in South Pasadena and can sometimes take our little one with him, I”m definitely going to put this on their to do list. Thanks for sharing.

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