And We’re Off… To Bed!

Pajamas // Towel // Blanket // Washcloth // Cream // Powder // Diapers

Hi Everyone!

Have you noticed the days have been getting shorter? I sure have. Lila goes to sleep when the sun does, regardless of what the clock says and this we she has been turning in on the early side. Naps are a thing of the past, so to wind down the day it’s off to bath time right after dinner.

We have a new bath time routine which I will share next, and so far it’s been working out great. When bath time is over I scoop her out of the bath and get right into the bedroom. While she is still in her towel (which by the way this one is adorable and amazing) I start a movie on the tv. It’s almost always Moana, or if we are speeding things up it’s just one episode of Veggie Tales. While the movie starts I’ll give her a massage with my favorite cream, powder up the diaper area, diaper her up, and slip on her jammies. When her jammies are on I’ll brush her teeth which lately has turned into her trying to bite me, but I always win and get those teeth brushed. Last step is “lips” which Lila loves to put on and will ask for it as soon as her shirt goes over her head.

While she gets the wiggles out and jumps around like a monkey, always singing along with Moana I will tidy up the floor a bit and hang up het towel. Then I’ll get in bed with her, put her in the dock a tot with 2 blankets and nurse her until she falls asleep. We definitely have our bedtime routine down which I wanted to create ever since she stopped napping.

So that’s us! Now tell me what do you do to get that baby to bed? Till next time.

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Family Beach Day

Today we went to a little beach in Ranchos Palos Verdes. Jake and I had our wedding ceremony at Wayfarer’s Chapel so the town as a whole is dear to our hearts. We were recommended this beach from a friend, saying it was small and perfect to take our toddler to. It was a bit of hike to get down to the beach but the scenery was so gorgeous we didn’t mind. The walk back up on the hill though… not as easy.

We don’t go to the beach all that often, so this truly was an experience for us. We brought Lila’s favorite mermaid toys and made sure we could provide a shady spot in case she wasn’t that into it. Luckily she had a great time, meaning we all had a great time. She really controls the mood for the whole family.

Jake taught Lila to search for seashells and together they found so many cool ones. It was very cute to see Lila trying to pick up every single shell to show Jake. Their relationship is truly blossoming and it is something I have been waiting to witness for a long time. She gets so excited when Jake walks in the door home from work. She knows he is coming home to play.

Jake recently started a new job which I will share more about later. So far it has done wonders for our family life and I am excited to make finally make happy memories on the weekends as a family. Until next week. XO


Lila’s Outfit: | Swimsuit: Minnow Swim|| Water Shoes: Natives|| Sunglasses: Babiators|

Extra from photos: | Sunscreen, California Baby|| Mommy and Me Sandals|| Milk and Eggs |

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Because Bath Time Is Always A Good Idea

Bubble Bath / Conditioner / Shampoo and Body Wash

Hi Everyone!

Today I am sharing with you some of my new favorite bath time essentials. I love that magical time of day when I get to turn the water on and pour bubble bath into the tub. The whole room smells amazing and Lila is usually is so happy in the bath that it’s a really positive activity. We recently upgraded our bath accessories and I am very excited to share them with you!

The item I was most excited to get was the bath toy draining bin I loved the design of it and I loved that the base catches all the water that you can easily dump later. It’s a really nice quality bin and fits the toys inside just perfect. It replaced our old toy bin immediately and it’s been a lovely transition.

Lila has been really enjoying the bath toy organizer that sits across the tub. It keeps all the toys organized and it keeps her entertained moving them from the organizer to the bath, and back to the organizer. To my surprise her favorite of the toys are the shark pour cups. She loves to fill them with water and dump it. It’s so sweet and simple to watch. These toys have been keeping her busy in the bath since they are still “new and exciting.” Something about seeing a new toy having fun is just the best feeling for me. Sometimes while she is distracted I will squirt her with a squeeze bath toy and she will giggle uncontrollably. If it were up to me we would have ten baths a day!

I hope everyone has a great week!

This post is written in partnership with Ubbi World. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Fresh From The Farm


Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to share with you one of the COOLEST happy mails I have gotten in a while. As most of you know I have always been a California Baby fan, even before having Lila. I use their products exclusively and wanted to share with you one of the many reasons why.

California Baby has a local 100 acre farm where they grow a variety of ingredients that they put in their products. Today I got to sample a few of their harvests and I wish you could smell them through the computer! I also love that these can be used for multiple purposes and I will be enjoying my next bath with the organic french lavender.

Thanks for reading and letting me share with you these fun harvests.

This post is written in partnership with California Baby. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Reunited With The Dream Cream



A few days ago I was lathering Lila up with her eczema cream and before you know it I heard an awful noise; the last squirt from the bottle. In my head there was no way I could ever run out of this cream because we have been using the same bottle twice a day for nearly six months. I seriously thought there was no way I was ever going to run out.




Today we had a glorious mail day were reunited with our beloved eczema cream. I immediately lathered her up in a few extra pumps of cream just to make up for it. I noticed a huge difference in the few short days we didn’t use it but nothing that bothered her too bad.


I know a lot of kiddos suffer from eczema so I am putting together a post with all my tips and tricks. Excited to share it with you soon!







Pink Petal Romper from Rad Revolution Kids

This post is written in partnership with California Baby. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Bath Time For Baby



Oh bath time, glorious bath time. Yesterday we went to my sister’s house so Lila could play with her cousins and of course she had tons of fun with those two silly kiddos. It’s funny when I call my sister and say, “Lila wants to see her cousins!” because as totally true as it that is, I’ll take any excuse to see her. We took advantage of bath time in her gorgeous bathroom and Lila was having the time of her life singing every song she knew while splashing in the tub.




Lila’s favorite ‘bath toys’ have always been shampoo bottles which I think is so funny because I will get so excited to see her play with a new bath toy I got her and instead she doesn’t care and still plays with the bottles. She likes to move the bottles around to different places of the tub, put them in the tub with her, and just hold them pacing back and forth in the tub with them.




I usually keep the water plugged at about 3 inches when letting her play. When she’s done playing I’ll turn the water back on and soap her up and wash her down with a bowl. She goes back and forth whether or not she likes sitting in the tub, and right now she’s in the standing phase. We have a bunch of bath toys and a bathmat, but for these photos I just wanted as much white as possible. We all know that once you throw down a bathmat and rubber duckies it get real bright, real quick.




Lila has extremely sensitive skin so we only use California Baby products on her because I truly believe they are the best baby products for my baby. My sister and my sister in law have primarily used California Baby products on their combined 4 kiddos, so I blindly carried on with that and it turned out that when we tried other brands they would leave her skin irritated. We stopped taking chances long ago with other brands and always feel right at home when we go to family’s houses and we know we are going to see beloved California Baby products throughout the bathroom.




I love watching her play in the bath because from the second I plop her in to the second I grab her out she is having non stop fun in there. She loves to sing the whole time she’s in the bath and some songs she knows and I thinks some she just makes up. It’s like she’s having a one woman soap opera. *ba dum tish*


I hope everyone has a great weekend!




This post is written in partnership with California Baby. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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The Very Best Products For My Baby || California Baby

Do you ever get in a routine using something and then decide to try something new and you either end up thinking you were crazy for trying to find something new or you can’t believe you ever lived without that new product. Well, that has been me with California Baby.

The first products I had ready for my baby to come home from the hospital to was California Baby’s shampoo and body wash, diaper rash cream, and bubble bath. Slowly I have tried nearly all of their products and I always love each of them.

Being a new mom I was sometimes distracted by the pretty packaging of other brands and decided to give other lotions or bubble baths a try. At the end of the day I was always left disappointed with other brands. Not to say they weren’t good products, but they just didn’t have the same quality as California Baby products that I grew to love and expect when using on my baby.

When picking out California Baby products for my baby registry, it was a no brainer to me. Both my sister and my sister in law exclusively used California Baby products on all my nieces. They always spoke highly of the products and I had wonderful memories of when I would babysit my nieces and them always smelling like french lavender goodness after bath time.

These are the products that are found throughout my home:

cababy1On our bathroom sink you will find an empty counter along with this basket full of our daily essentials from California Baby. We always get the sweetest comments from guests complimenting our bathroom product selection.


cababy3Our Household Essentials; Not a day goes by that my family of 3 at some point in their day uses each of these products. The Eucalyptus Ease hand wash is a personal favorite of mine. It makes washing your hands more enjoyable because you can take a second to yourself and enjoy the calming effects.


cababy2Our Bath time Essentials; I can’t pick a favorite between Calendula and Calming. They are both are so amazing and leave you relaxed with one sniff. We currently are using the eucalyptus ease lotion because it’s mostly for my husband and me. I really love the eucalyptus scent and try to incorporate it for the products that Lila uses less of.

cababy4Bedside Table Essentials; Every night before bed I lather Lila’s whole body in Eczema Cream. It has made her skin so incredibly soft and visibly smooth. This product has stolen my heart! The first thing Lila wants to do every morning is go outside into the yard. I leave a sunscreen on my bedside so that in the morning, before caffeine, I can remember to cover my little in sunscreen.


This post is in partnership with California Baby. All opinions are my own.
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