Three Ways I Am Taking On The New Year

By on January 18, 2018


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This year has brought along many intentions, and the best intentions to make are ones that are realistic enough to keep. We have been a one car family most of Lila’s life and with that came a lot of walking. I love walking with her in the stroller and it has been honestly sometimes the best part of my day. She has never been too fond of sitting in the stroller so it really changed the game when we got a stroller that she could face me in. I mean really, that made a HUGE difference. I could talk to her and make faces at her and pretty much just keep her company. What she really wants (even to this day) is to be in baby carrier. But sometimes that is just not possible, now that she is almost 3 and weighing 30+ pounds. I used to not mind it so much but since I hurt my arm last November I haven’t put a carrier on once. It was a huge wake up call to start honoring my body a bit more since I have been living for Lila these past 3 years.

New Year, New Intentions. Now Let’s Keep ‘Em.

  1. Daily Family Walks
  2. Less Caffeine, More Water
  3. Date Nights 1x’s Monthly


Pretty simple intentions right? Well I think that should be the point. Things that are realistic and things that are good for your health- emotionally and physically.

I am very, very proud to say that we have gone on a family walk almost every day this year with an exception of one or two days. Our walks are usually around 3 miles. Sometimes less, usually more. Lila is not very happy about our family walks and will try to convince us to stay home every time. We try to keep her as cozy as possible in the jogger and once we are on the walk she is fine, but asks to go home every twenty minutes. Hubs and I aren’t letting her get to us! We just keep walking…

This is a new one. I never in a million years thought I would be trying to drink less caffeine but here we are! When I hurt my arm I started wanting no caffeine and only wanted to drink water. Then when I started drinking coffee again I noticed I was getting terrible anxiety. At the beginning of the year I switched the black tea. I have been getting those glass bottles of Tejava unsweetened black tea and will only drink one bottle a day. So far that’s been enough to get me awake in the morning and keep the anxiety at bay. I have treated myself to coffees like everything was fine a few times in the past week and each time I regret it by the end of the day. Sticking to one bottle of black tea got added to the intention list after noticing the positives.

Last but not least da da date night! Our goal is to go on one Lila-less date a month. Last Saturday night we went to the Arclight in Hollywood and watched Ladybird. I have been wanting to see it and Jake’s idea of date night is a trip to the movies. Plus I am sucker for movie theater popcorn. I think it’s even better than watching the movie. When we were dating that was the #1 theater we would go to, so it was pretty romantic going back now that we are all grown up. Afterwards we walked to The Highlight Room a few blocks away and enjoyed the nightlife from the rooftop bar. We got drinks and appetizers and hung out and talked for hours. I seriously couldn’t have asked for a better “first” date of the year.

Well that’s all folks. That’s what I am up to lately and hopefully for the rest of the year. If you have any questions let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!


Celeste Wright

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Must Haves with Baby

And We’re Off… To Bed!

By on August 25, 2017

Pajamas // Towel // Blanket // Washcloth // Cream // Powder // Diapers

Hi Everyone!

Have you noticed the days have been getting shorter? I sure have. Lila goes to sleep when the sun does, regardless of what the clock says and this we she has been turning in on the early side. Naps are a thing of the past, so to wind down the day it’s off to bath time right after dinner.

We have a new bath time routine which I will share next, and so far it’s been working out great. When bath time is over I scoop her out of the bath and get right into the bedroom. While she is still in her towel (which by the way this one is adorable and amazing) I start a movie on the tv. It’s almost always Moana, or if we are speeding things up it’s just one episode of Veggie Tales. While the movie starts I’ll give her a massage with my favorite cream, powder up the diaper area, diaper her up, and slip on her jammies. When her jammies are on I’ll brush her teeth which lately has turned into her trying to bite me, but I always win and get those teeth brushed. Last step is “lips” which Lila loves to put on and will ask for it as soon as her shirt goes over her head.

While she gets the wiggles out and jumps around like a monkey, always singing along with Moana I will tidy up the floor a bit and hang up het towel. Then I’ll get in bed with her, put her in the dock a tot with 2 blankets and nurse her until she falls asleep. We definitely have our bedtime routine down which I wanted to create ever since she stopped napping.

So that’s us! Now tell me what do you do to get that baby to bed? Till next time.

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