Colorful Cacti || Part 1


Colorful Cacti || Part 1

Vantage Obscura || Part 2

Better As A Color || Part 3

The Rainbow Gates || Part 4

Walking The Pets || Part 5

Bold Pas at Night || Part 6


Mermaid Doll // Lila’s Shoes // Jake’s Backpack

Hi Everyone!

Yesterday we attended this Bold Pas, which featured art installation throughout they alleys of old town Pasadena. It was so much fun and we took way too many photos. I decided to turn into 6 posts, so I cleared my calendar for this week and you’ll be seeing a new set of photos everyday this week. See you all next week for the same ol same ol. ūüôā





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Tea Time for Two

Sunset Side Chairs in White from Apt2B

Hi Everyone!


Today I am sharing with you one of my favorite pieces in the whole house! These Sunset Side Chairs in White from Apt2B are so versatile and the design is flawless. They have so many purposes in our home ranging from dining chairs, additional living room seating for guests, and also the perfect tea party chairs.

Lila has these exact chairs in kid size, but she always prefers the adult ones. I think she likes how high off the ground she is and how much additional space her booty gets. So often for playtime I use her kid table and pair it with the bigger adult chairs. Plus all three¬†of her knit doll besties fit in one chair so she doesn’t have to pick just one to have a tea party with.

The chairs from Apt2B are amazing quality which my husband and I will both comment to each other. All in all we absolutely love these chairs and how they are so functional for a variety of reasons while still keeping the modern feel in our living room. I often will chose to sit in these chairs over the couch when getting some work done on my laptop.

What piece of furniture can you not live without? Thanks for reading.

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