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Favorite Toddler Toys from Sofia The First

By on July 31, 2017

Sofia the First Deluxe Friends Pack

 Itzy Ritzy Travel Happens Bag in Flamingo Flock

Pink Dot Shoes Piper Finn Footwear (20% off with code: CELESTE)

Hi Everyone!

If you follow along on my InstaStories then you already know that Lila takes toys with her everywhere we go. Her fingers are always super busy trying to keep up with her imagination. I like to collect her little figurines from shows or movies she has already watched so that she knows who the characters are and can easily play with them off their storyline. In the photos is an older version of Sofia the First toys, but she also has the current version and it is her absolute favorite set. The characters are the perfect size for her little hands and each piece is great quality. Some Sofia sets, like one at the disney store, has not so pretty faces on the characters. So I appreciate the quality that went into this set.

I get so many questions about Lila’s toys and I want to start putting together more posts about what toys I get for her and why as well as which ones she actually plays with the most. Below you can scroll through all the Sofia the First that are currently available and are a great for toddler play.

I absolutely cannot sing higher praises of these travel bags. I just though some figurines into this travel bag, zip it up, and toss it in the diaper bag. There are 3 sizes available but I usually use the biggest size since it has a handle. I can snap it to the stroller, or outside of my diaper so it dangles (while in the car, not just walking around like that, haha.)

I hope this was at all helpful. Leave in the comments below what kinds of toys/toys from what movie or show you would like me to share about next. Thanks for reading!


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Life Update

By on February 1, 2017

Silicone Necklace // Open-Back Top // Diaper Bag // Lila’s Dress

Hi everyone!

As most of you know if you follow me on Instagram, my husband started a new job last week. We are a one car family and Jake having a job an hour away really made it hard for Lila and I to get around town. We made it work but we knew eventually we were going to have to get a second car or Jake was going to have get a job closer to home.

An amazing opportunity came up for him to work just a few minutes away from home and it has been such a blessing so far. We now drop him off and pick him up from work, which leaves us with the car all day. It has worked out flawlessly so far and we get an extra three hours a day with him. You read that right, an extra THREE hours a day with him. Before his commute was an hour each way, and he would leave an extra 45 minutes early in the morning to pick up breakfast and find a parking spot. Then on his way home, traffic would make his drive take an extra 10-15 minutes longer.

Besides having all this extra time with Jake, which has put us over the moon with happiness, we also get to explore more of our city. We have made a point to keep active and explore everyday even if it’s just going to get a smoothie or going to a park.

I hope everyone is having a great afternoon!

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Must Haves with Baby

Go-To ‘On The Go’ Toddler Snacks

By on November 30, 2016




Since the day Lila figured out how to use her teeth for chomping I haven’t been able to leave the house without a variety of snacks. The snacks she enjoyed then and the snacks she enjoys now have changed drastically, but the idea is the same: Don’t leave the house without a packing a stash of nonperishables.

I love hearing and seeing what other mom’s pack for their toddlers because I am always looking for new ideas for Lila. These are my go to snacks that you can find in my diaper bag literally right now:

Our Go-To ‘On the Go’ Snacks

Bitsy’s Brain Food – Cheddar Chia Veggie

Annie’s – Fruit Snack Bunnies (Berry)

PipSnacks – Salted Popcorn

Snyder’s – Mini Pretzels

Trader Joe’s – Chocolate Chip Brownie Oat Bars

Trader Joe’s – Freeze Dried Strawberries

Trader Joe’s – Edamame

Trader Joe’s – Fruit Wrap (Apple/Banana or Apple/Strawberry)

I store snacks that are sealed like fruit wraps and oat bars in reusable snack bags and portioned snacks like popcorn and pretzels in snack stacks. This helps me stay organized and reminds me to stock a variety of snacks for my hungry little one. Taking snacks on the go keeps my little explorer happy and content while on the go.


Hat // Dress // Leggings // Boots




What snacks does your little one like? I’d love to add a few new snacks into the mix.



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A Proud Mama Moment

By on November 3, 2016


Ever since Lila was a little baby she has been really timid around animals. Back in June my sister got a German Shepard puppy and Lila has been terrified of him since the moment they met. She then grew to become terrified of any animal that moved. Within the past few weeks we have been working really hard on trying to make her comfortable around my sister’s dog with reassurance and with treats. Last weekend we went over to her house and she not only was totally comfortable around him, but she was going up to him asking for “a hug” and “a kiss.” It makes so proud to see her over come a fear that used to totally paralyze her.


When I was holding her taking this picture she got really excited because two little doggies were walking by and said to them, “Hi little Honans! Down, down, down!” Okay so she still can’t quite say Johan, but if this a few weeks ago she probably would have just started crying.

Nothing makes my momma heart prouder than when I see her overcome her fears. What are some fears your little ones have had and overcome?





Diaper Bag from Jujube: Be Classy – Queen of the Nile

Teething Necklace from Itzy Ritzy

Lila’s Boots from Pedi Ped

Lila’s Outfit from Hanna Anderson: Top + Bloomers

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Must Haves with Baby

Reduce Reuse Recycle || Itzy Ritzy Mini Snack and Everything Bags

By on August 17, 2016

I have recently discovered everything bags from Itzy Ritzy have been a total game changer. They are the perfect size to keep a small snack in the diaper bag and have a zipper closure for easy opening and closing. I have a few different patterns and coordinate the type of snack to the pattern of snack bag. I love fun and girly patterns for my daughter and there were so many to chose from it was hard to pick.

We decided to try these because reusable bags are a green alternative to plastic baggies and help reduce the amount of plastic bags going into the trash each day. These bags are machine washable so I can throw them in with laundry for easy clean up. I am happy to say these have definitely replaced plastic in our house.

Itzy Ritzy: Mini Snack and Everything Bags

Fresh Bloom

Cupcake Party

Social Butterfly 





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