Mommy And Me Matching Backpacks For The Adventures Ahead

By on January 31, 2018

My Outfit: Romper // Shoes // Backpack // Sunglasses (25% off w/ CELESTEDIFF

Lila’s Outfit: Dress // Shoes // Backpack


So let me just put it out there- matching your little one is the best right?! Well these backpacks just put it over the top for me. My backpack is actually my most favorite style diaper bag so I am carrying everything I need for my little lady while she packs everything she can fit from her room on our outings. I think it’s hilarious that she packs a bag each time we leave the house, but hey that’s not a battle worth picking for me. Just carry the bag girl, and I’ll just be over here matching you! Haha.

I like to think that we are pretty active and spontaneous with our adventures but this past month for us has been a doozie. We started the month sick, but inspired for the year ahead. Then right on the tail end of that sickness, Lila picked up a cold that spread to me and we both have been just feeling yucky all month. I am still going to the chiropractor to help my shoulder injury but I had to decrease my appointments to once a week because getting out of the house has been a bit difficult.

This week has been much better and I can feel our spirits coming alive again. We have had such great week doing small outings close by. Lila’s birthday is on Sunday, so while I want to take her to Disneyland so badly and go do other fun things I think I have to keep her home until her birthday. I can’t wait to share with you about her birthday weekend.


Celeste Wright



*Photos by Rebecca Orlandini Photography

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My Day In LA

Colorful Cacti || Part 1

By on August 13, 2017


Colorful Cacti || Part 1

Vantage Obscura || Part 2

Better As A Color || Part 3

The Rainbow Gates || Part 4

Walking The Pets || Part 5

Bold Pas at Night || Part 6


Mermaid Doll // Lila’s Shoes // Jake’s Backpack

Hi Everyone!

Yesterday we attended this Bold Pas, which featured art installation throughout they alleys of old town Pasadena. It was so much fun and we took way too many photos. I decided to turn into 6 posts, so I cleared my calendar for this week and you’ll be seeing a new set of photos everyday this week. See you all next week for the same ol same ol. 🙂





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Must Haves with Baby | Toddler Fashion Favorites

Let Yourself Rest

By on July 19, 2017


Hi Everyone!

I have been cooking a lot lately and trying new recipes. I have never known my way around the kitchen so it is all new to me. I have been doing good at the few things I have tried and been encouraged by the process. Today was one of the (first of many I’m sure) days where I messed up making lunch. I wasn’t following a recipe though, I was just sort of winging it, so maybe that was my first mistake. Haha.

So I packed up the stroller, got Lila dressed in a romper, and we went to our usual spot. We had a picnic in the grass area with snacks and Lila’s mermaid toys (she brings them everywhere) in her Itty Bitty Be Diaper Bag . It was so nice to be in a shady spot just relaxing. It is one of my favorite things to just pick a spot and through a blanket down and park it there for a while. Lila played at the playground and we couldn’t leave without spotting my the kid’s shoe section of Nordstrom for her usual pink balloon. The employees know her by name and will run into the back right when they see her. I guess that gives you a clue about how often we do this.

We are back home now and so excited to welcome home Hubs. He is bringing home to dinner tonight to cheer me up about my lunch time fail. He’s a good one you guys. 🙂

I hope everyone is having a great day!


Treat your little mama to the cutest itty bitty diaper bag, like ever.

Ju-Ju-Be Itty Bitty Be Diaper Bag


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Mother’s Day with Bouqs

By on April 25, 2017

Above And Beyond Bouquet

Hi Everyone!

Today and just in time for Mother’s Day I am sharing with you my favorite flower shop! The Bouqs Co. is a Venice CA-based flower company that ships beautiful ‘Bouqs’ from their farms directly to customers. Living in Los Angeles I love shopping at small, local shops around me. All their farms practice sustainable, eco-friendly farming, and they cut only what they sell – so they don’t waste 1 out of every 3 stems like others. Who can’t get on board with that?! So awesome.

Every year for Mother’s Day my mom gets a bouquet for me and this year I’ll be getting her one for BOUQS. I also like to get one for my sisters, closest mommy friends, and even my neighbor. Because who doesn’t like getting flowers? I love giving them almost as much as I love getting them so today I am sharing with a very special 20% off code so that you can check a special woman in your life off your list. You can use code: XOCELESTEWRIGHT for 20% off your order. You’re welcome 😉


One of my favorite parts of motherhood is watching Lila blossom. Lately she has become so outgoing and so sweet to other children and it really makes me proud to be her momma. I love looking over and seeing that she is sharing with other children or that she is helping a smaller kiddo do an activity. She also loves babies when they are in their carseats and will be so sweet to them. I really love watching her personality develop and seeing her sweet spirit grow. I am so happy to be her momma!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you lovely mommas out there. Xoxo

*Thank you to BOUQS for sponsoring this post.

**You can use code: XOCELESTEWRIGHT for 20% off your order

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My Day In LA


By on April 24, 2017


Hi everyone!

Yesterday afternoon we attended Ju-Ju-Be’s annual Ju-Ju-Beach event at a beautiful private estate in Laguna Beach, CA. We were greeted by a massive ballon archway that led into the beach house. The balloons were so bright and added an instant element of FUN.

Lila and I had our own beach chairs under an umbrella with a perfect view of the beach ahead. There were sand toys everywhere and Step2 water tables which was so, so fun! The beach was closed off to the public, which gave me a huge sense of security to let Lila run free. She loved dipping her toes in the water and collecting water in her bucket to bring back to the water tables.

The food was beyond perfect for beach day. Who can resist a grilled cheese bar? I added avacado, argue, tomato, spinach, and seasoning to mine. It was the best grilled cheese! There was also chips with dips and all the guacamole you could eat.

It was a nearly perfect day with our friends. Thanks to Ju-Ju-Be for hosting us today!

Till next time..

*Photos by Jeffrey Repreza

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My Day In LA

Easter at The Langham Pasadena

By on April 17, 2017

Egg Hunt

Last year Lila had her first real experience with attending egg hunts and immediately we knew that she had some special feelings for Easter. Since that day we’ve kept a basket of easter eggs in her room and she has played with them consistently all year long, so much so that she has opening them down to such a science that we can’t get them closed again fast enough for her. The most special egg hunt for her was undoubtedly the one that took place at the Langham, and it seemed like every time she played with her eggs throughout the year we talked about going there again, so we knew as it came around the corner we had to make it a tradition for our family.


This year Lila appreciated the egg hunt even more, and displayed her skills like a pro when she got out on the lawn. The only thing that held her back was the size of her basket which was quickly overflowing. She really made the most of it and enjoyed every minute. I have no doubt that the egg hunt at the Langham is the best not only in Pasadena, but anywhere that I have ever been. Everything about it is perfect from the location to the eggs and their prizes, and even the adorable outfits on all of the little ones, this egg hunt is truly on another level.


Petting Zoo + Train Ride

In the immediate vicinity of the egg hunt there were so many fun things going on that were all geared for the little ones. The petting zoo they coordinate is seriously ADORABLE! They not only have bunnies and chickens, but sheep, baby goats, ducks, piglets, and a baby cow! Lila couldn’t get enough of the baby bunnies and spent way too long just petting them and talking to them like she does with her stuffed animals at home. Right next to the petting zoo they had the best Easter Bunny who was being so cute with all of the kids that were there, so when the line wasn’t too long we ran over so that Lila could get a photo with him. Usually she is a little bit skeptical of costumed characters at first and doesn’t like to get too close, but she ran right up to him and gave him a huge hug for the better part of a minute and wouldn’t let him go. Did I mention yet that this kid loves Easter and can’t get enough of the Langham?

To top off all of the activities on the lawn they have badminton, croquet, and a full on train ride! Last year we had a blast riding the train as a family and Lila remembered it well because she was asking for the train ride before it was even in sight. Long story made very short we rode that train somewhere between 8 and 10 times throughout the morning and you know what, it never got old! Lila was so excited and loved riding in a different color car each time, she couldn’t get enough of the conductor and appreciated it every time he made a “toot toot”.



If there was one part of our stay that I have to admit I was most excited for, it was the brunch. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a waffle bar. As excited as I was and as high as my expectations were, the brunch was even better. Every single thing I tasted was delectable from the sushi and seafood bar, to the omelette station and the expansive table of breakfast foods. Sometimes I struggle with buffet style dining because I feel like they do an okay job at a lot of dishes, but don’t really have a focus. That was absolutely not the case here, it was as if they had one chef devoted to each particular dish and nothing felt like it was just a filler.

Beyond all of the amazing options in the main dining room they had the most adorable selection of pastries and an entire section of foods for kids. The kids corner was not only perfect for Lila’s taste buds, but they even had it set up low to the ground so that she was able to feel involved with the selection. Their whole set up was genius because Lila ate more in one sitting than I have ever seen her eat, and she’s an amazing little eater!

Of course the literal icing on the cake was the gigantic display of incredible desserts. I thought I was too full from the several plates I had already eaten to even think about sweets, but after one look I found myself getting one of everything to try, and making a couple of quick trips back to the chocolate fountain for another skewer of strawberries. I know I shouldn’t have, but hey, Easter only comes once a year and, well, I deserve it!



All in all we could not have imagined a better way to spend easter as a family than what we actually experienced at the Langham. The hotel is like a palace from my dreams, Lila literally referred to it as her “beautiful castle: throughout our entire stay and said “were homeeee” every time we walked into our room. The staff were amazing, the food was fantastic, the scenery was breathtaking, the mattress was heavenly, the people were friendly, and Easter was magical because of it. The Langham can count on seeing us again next year, and the next, and every one after that.

*A very special thank you to the Langham Pasadena for hosting us this weekend.

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Twinning In Yellow

By on March 20, 2017

Itty Bitty Diaper Bag // Diaper Bag

Hi everyone!

Okay, let’s cut right to the chase and talk about our matching outfits. I was getting ready and put on my new dress from Kingdom and State, when Lila walked in the room and asked for her yellow dress on too! At first I thought it was funny so I put it on and she was so happy we matched! Then she asked for a “same jacket” so I looked in her closet and funny enough she had a jean jacket. She looked so cute all matchy matchy so I said to heck with it and grabbed our matching Jujube bags out of the closet. It was so funny but so cute because it made her so happy to look like mommy. I guess there’s more to this twinning thing than I thought.
When we left the house we went to one of our favorite gelato shops and had a blast. Everyone was so sweet commenting they liked our matching dresses and Lila would smile so big every time. I guess I officially am into “mommy and me” and will start looking for some new coordinating outfits for us. Haahaa.
Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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Must Haves with Baby

The Spirit Of Spring

By on March 16, 2017
Matching Blouse + Dress from Ele Story
Hi Everyone!
Spring is here and what a better way to celebrate than floral everything! My house is covered in fresh flowers because I can’t go to the market without picking out a bundle. What is it about flowers that make you so happy??
To into the spirit of spring we got these matching floral pieces from Ele Story. They have the sweetest dresses for your darlings and matching tops for the mamas. I love this print because it reminds of everything I love about spring! Judy the owner is also one of the sweetest mamas. It’s easy to love a business when the mastermind behind it is a total babe.
We also got Lila’s Easter dress from Ele Story which I can’t wait to show you. I am hiding it from Lila and I can’t wait to see her face when I show it to her. She’s gonna love it!
I get so excited for Easter every year. It’s one of my favorite holidays and it’s even better celebrating with my Lila girl. We have an awesome weekend of festivities planned that I am really looking forward to.
Thanks so much for reading and I can’t wait to share more soon!
*Photos by Sadaf Murad Photography

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Life Update

By on February 1, 2017

Silicone Necklace // Open-Back Top // Diaper Bag // Lila’s Dress

Hi everyone!

As most of you know if you follow me on Instagram, my husband started a new job last week. We are a one car family and Jake having a job an hour away really made it hard for Lila and I to get around town. We made it work but we knew eventually we were going to have to get a second car or Jake was going to have get a job closer to home.

An amazing opportunity came up for him to work just a few minutes away from home and it has been such a blessing so far. We now drop him off and pick him up from work, which leaves us with the car all day. It has worked out flawlessly so far and we get an extra three hours a day with him. You read that right, an extra THREE hours a day with him. Before his commute was an hour each way, and he would leave an extra 45 minutes early in the morning to pick up breakfast and find a parking spot. Then on his way home, traffic would make his drive take an extra 10-15 minutes longer.

Besides having all this extra time with Jake, which has put us over the moon with happiness, we also get to explore more of our city. We have made a point to keep active and explore everyday even if it’s just going to get a smoothie or going to a park.

I hope everyone is having a great afternoon!

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