Twinning In Yellow

By on March 20, 2017

Itty Bitty Diaper Bag // Diaper Bag

Hi everyone!

Okay, let’s cut right to the chase and talk about our matching outfits. I was getting ready and put on my new dress from Kingdom and State, when Lila walked in the room and asked for her yellow dress on too! At first I thought it was funny so I put it on and she was so happy we matched! Then she asked for a “same jacket” so I looked in her closet and funny enough she had a jean jacket. She looked so cute all matchy matchy so I said to heck with it and grabbed our matching Jujube bags out of the closet. It was so funny but so cute because it made her so happy to look like mommy. I guess there’s more to this twinning thing than I thought.
When we left the house we went to one of our favorite gelato shops and had a blast. Everyone was so sweet commenting they liked our matching dresses and Lila would smile so big every time. I guess I officially am into “mommy and me” and will start looking for some new coordinating outfits for us. Haahaa.
Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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