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A Weekend Away At The Jamaica Bay Inn

By on November 15, 2017


Hi Friends!

Happy Monday. I have swing music playing in our clean living room with our bags already unpacked and I am feeling like it is indeed a happy Monday. Last Friday we headed west to Marina Del Rey and stayed at the Jamaica Bay Inn- the cutest spot right on the beach. When we arrived to the hotel it was pretty late at night and pitch dark outside so we went straight to our room. Lila was so excited to be in a new place and wanted to explore so badly. I told her in the morning we would make sure to explore every inch of the place but that she had to go to bed. When we woke up in the morning we went straight to our balcony and realized how beautiful the grounds were. The sun was shining bright and you could smell the ocean breeze- it was pretty fantastic.

For breakfast we ordered room service and watched Disney Channel with Lila on the bed. If that’s not vacation I don’t what it is! After breakfast we got dressed and walked around the grounds and then the beach. There was an adorable playground right there on the beach and we had to tear Lila away from it. When we all have worked up an appetite from playtime we took a short walk back to the hotel restaurant. That restaurant became a quick favorite of mine, their fish tacos I am already craving again! After lunch at the hotel we checked out the gorgeous heated pool with a view. Lila absolutely loves to swim and the temperature of this pool was beyond. When we were done at the pool we went back to the room and gave Lila a shower and got her in cozy clothes hoping we could get her to take a nap, since she got all of that exercise at the pool.

Later in the evening we stayed in the room since it was dark outside. What’s up with it getting dark at 4 o’clock these days?? The room was so cozy it was really easy to just hang out and lounge. We brought a small backpack of activates for Lila to do and play with so she was happy just to have music on and coloring with her toys around her.

I definitely did not miss home this trip. Something about those ocean ions just keep your mind at ease. I also loved our morning walks around the hotel. It was such a beautiful place to explore and experience. I already want to come back to just to get those fish tacos and go on a walk through the sand with Lila.

Thanks for reading! If you are looking for a place to stay while visiting Los Angeles, look no further!



Celeste Wright


*Thank to you the Jamaica Bay for hosting us.




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Matcha Matcha

By on May 19, 2017

My Dress // My Shoes // My Tote // Lila’s Dress // Lila’s Shoes // Lila’s Backpack

Hi Everyone!

After a long week at home recovering surgery it felt so good to get dressed in something other than pajamas and hit the town. The second Jake got home from work we went to our local mall so that Lila could run around freely and I could get some fresh air. I wore my new dress from Olive Ave and it instantly became my new favorite. I seriously want my closet to have 20 of these dresses in different colors and patterns. It is comfortable and perfect for adventures.

Thank you to everyone for your sweet comments, messages, and emails with well wishes. Every single one of them lifted my spirit! I can’t wait to feel 100% again. My family has been a huge help this week, whether it was entertaining Lila or keeping me company. I have the best parents and siblings and it’s times like these that make me love them 100x’s more.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Our First Family Photos

By on November 14, 2016

This morning we took family photos with the lovely Sadaf Murad in Old Town Pasadena and I am so excited to see how they turned out. I was talking with Sadaf a few weeks ago about how we have no professional photos of our family, and she offered to help us change that. I was so excited about finally being able to have precious photos to look back on.  Every image from the shoot will be treasured so hard and definitely framed and hung on our walls immediately.




It’s kind of funny to us that we never had professional photos taken because we know a ton of photographers and could have easily had some done by now. A photographer friend of ours did our wedding photos which I was so excited about her doing but we stilllllll don’t have them. So maybe I’m just scared from that.




We were going to do our session walking around Old Town Pasadena because this where I think of when I think of “home” and I wanted our first family photos to capture where we were at this point in our lives. We ended up doing them inside her gorgeous studio because it was around noon once we were all situated and and Lila was super cranky and ready for her nap. So we stayed in her studio which is about a block away from where we took these photos after. Lila loves the courtyard in One Colorado and it’s the perfect place to let her stretch her legs. It also has the best public restroom in Old Town, which is one of toughest things to find here.




Something I never, ever want to forget is our time living here. In ten years we might still live here or in ten years I will be looking back at these photos remembering all the good times.





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Bag of Tricks for Mom’s Sick Day

By on October 13, 2016


Growing up with allergies I am all too familiar with getting sick and trying to go about my daily life. Over the years I have grown attached to certain remedies that can be found at any drug store. These are my go items that save the day:

  1. Zyrtec: I didn’t try Zyrtec until I was pregnant and my doctor recommended it. It was an instant love connection and has saved me from missing out on so many events. Instead of lying in bed sneezing my head off all day, I just take a Zyrtec and go on with my day. (Of course, check with your doctor before trying Zyrtec.)
  2. Breathe Right Nose Strips – Extra: I have been using these for over a decade and I couldn’t even imagine not keeping one in my purse for emergencies. For the longest time I just used the regular ones but the Extra is where it’s at. I will sleep with one on if I am congested, and I also keep one in my bag for on the go because even though you look like you just a nose job, at least you have sinus relief. (I usually just wear it in the car, and take it off before running in to places.)
  3. Arm & Hammer Simply Saline: This is the last piece of the puzzle. Pop the cap, spray, and wallah, instant relief. I have tried so many nose solutions and this is the only one that works well enough for me to use. It’s also incredibly easy to transport which is a huge plus.
  4. Electrolytes: Any excuse for a pineapple Vita Coco, but really the most important thing is that you are staying hydrated. When I don’t feel 100% I usually want anything but water so I lean towards vitamin water or coconut water.





Funny enough and the reason for this post is I’ve been carrying around these 4 items in this clutch for the past few days and my husband keeps calling it my bag of tricks because I’m on the verge of getting sick but fighting it so so so hard with these 4 magic items. Hope everyone reading this is healthy and next time you are sick maybe one or all of these items will come to the rescue!



Simple Clutch by Logan + Lenora

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