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Ice Cream Inspired Clothing For Toddler

By on January 19, 2018


Pink Rain Boots

Where has the week gone?! Lila and I have been sick this week and laying low at home but that didn’t stop us from going out today in the perfect rain. Lila loves putting on her rain boots and these pink ones are her favorites right now. The are so darling and are the most perfect shade of pink, so naturally I am obsessed with them too. To brighten up the day and stay warm she picked her ice cream sweater and naturally it paired with her ice cream skirt. (And yes- we got ice cream. How couldn’t we, ya know?)

As I was putting the links to her outfit I realized everything besides her shoes are now sold out. So below are a few things for your toddler inspired by ice cream. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Thanks for reading!


Celeste Wright

Ice Cream Inspired Clothing For Toddler

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