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Family Beach Day

By on July 2, 2017

Today we went to a little beach in Ranchos Palos Verdes. Jake and I had our wedding ceremony at Wayfarer’s Chapel so the town as a whole is dear to our hearts. We were recommended this beach from a friend, saying it was small and perfect to take our toddler to. It was a bit of hike to get down to the beach but the scenery was so gorgeous we didn’t mind. The walk back up on the hill though… not as easy.

We don’t go to the beach all that often, so this truly was an experience for us. We brought Lila’s favorite mermaid toys and made sure we could provide a shady spot in case she wasn’t that into it. Luckily she had a great time, meaning we all had a great time. She really controls the mood for the whole family.

Jake taught Lila to search for seashells and together they found so many cool ones. It was very cute to see Lila trying to pick up every single shell to show Jake. Their relationship is truly blossoming and it is something I have been waiting to witness for a long time. She gets so excited when Jake walks in the door home from work. She knows he is coming home to play.

Jake recently started a new job which I will share more about later. So far it has done wonders for our family life and I am excited to make finally make happy memories on the weekends as a family. Until next week. XO


Lila’s Outfit: | Swimsuit: Minnow Swim|| Water Shoes: Natives|| Sunglasses: Babiators|

Extra from photos: | Sunscreen, California Baby|| Mommy and Me Sandals|| Milk and Eggs |

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Must Haves with Baby

Something Every Backyard Should Have…

By on May 21, 2017

Water Table // Swimsuit // Water Shoes

Hi Everyone!

It is feeling a lot like summer these days! This weekend it was really hot and Lila basically lived in our backyard playing with her water table. This water table is amazing because it comes with so many toys and the second level rains water onto the lower level, which is sure to get a squeal out of your toddler. Living in California, this is a MUST HAVE with baby. I don’t know how I waited this long to get one. I am such a huge fan of this thing and it’s basically like a built in babysitter because this lady is outside for hours splashing away.


We had my family over this weekend it is such a hit with all the cousins. It’s so cute because the first thing they want to do when they get here is change into a swimsuit and run to the backyard. Thankfully we have a cemented backyard so it’s very easy to let the table drain onto the cement and clean up is a breeze.

I hope everyone had a good weekend that involved water!

*Thank you to Step2 for gifting me this item as part of the Step2 toy tester program.

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