Mornings Like This

By on March 21, 2017

Lila’s Romper* // Lila’s Shoes // Lila’s Bunny // My Hat // My Dress

This morning we got dressed expecting to walk outside into sunshine but instead it was sprinkling rain. We got in the car as quick as we could by the time we got to our stop the rain had stopped. It was a lot colder than normal so Lila wanted to be carried. I used my ring sling to keep her close and she loved it!

When we got to our usual coffee shop Lila asked for a coffee cake so of course I said yes. It was so cute watching her eat this brick of cake and she was singing her favorite songs in between taking nibbles. Afterwards we let her explore a little bit, which she loves to do.

I also can’t get over the pink blooms all over the city. There was the biggest tree right by our car where we parked but the whole street was lined them. It was such a pretty sight! I’m happy about the rain because Lila loves to jump in puddles so I think you will be seeing some of that soon…

Thanks for reading!

*You can get 10% off Lila’s Romper or anything else from Little and Lively with code: Celeste10 (valid through 3/31/17)

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Must Haves with Baby

Go-To ‘On The Go’ Toddler Snacks

By on November 30, 2016




Since the day Lila figured out how to use her teeth for chomping I haven’t been able to leave the house without a variety of snacks. The snacks she enjoyed then and the snacks she enjoys now have changed drastically, but the idea is the same: Don’t leave the house without a packing a stash of nonperishables.

I love hearing and seeing what other mom’s pack for their toddlers because I am always looking for new ideas for Lila. These are my go to snacks that you can find in my diaper bag literally right now:

Our Go-To ‘On the Go’ Snacks

Bitsy’s Brain Food – Cheddar Chia Veggie

Annie’s – Fruit Snack Bunnies (Berry)

PipSnacks – Salted Popcorn

Snyder’s – Mini Pretzels

Trader Joe’s – Chocolate Chip Brownie Oat Bars

Trader Joe’s – Freeze Dried Strawberries

Trader Joe’s – Edamame

Trader Joe’s – Fruit Wrap (Apple/Banana or Apple/Strawberry)

I store snacks that are sealed like fruit wraps and oat bars in reusable snack bags and portioned snacks like popcorn and pretzels in snack stacks. This helps me stay organized and reminds me to stock a variety of snacks for my hungry little one. Taking snacks on the go keeps my little explorer happy and content while on the go.


Hat // Dress // Leggings // Boots




What snacks does your little one like? I’d love to add a few new snacks into the mix.



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Pitch Dark At Four O’Clock

By on November 13, 2016



Ever since the time change our time outdoors ends much faster. It has been getting dark much faster and Lila has also been taking her naps like clockwork. She usually naps from 12:00 to 3:00 and by the time she wakes up there’s only about an hour of daylight left.




We live a short walk away from the LA Arboretum and like to visit frequently. Today we managed to get up there for a few minutes of walking around after Lila’s nap. We had to run home because shortly after we got  there the sun was already setting.




This little courtyard behind our house is one of Lila’s favorite places to explore. It’s completely enclosed so I can let her run free and know that she can’t get far. As she gets older I love how she also becomes more independent when playing. When we are outside or go to the playground she can easily entertain herself now which makes for outdoor time that we both enjoy.




Normally when we would go outside she had a hard time listening and staying close. We have been practicing walking by holding hands instead of the stroller and it’s so awesome to see her take on the responsibility instead of trying to run away and head for a staircase to climb.

Something on my list for today is to find some fun activities for us to indoors. What are some of your favorites?





Dress from Taylor JoelleSquare Print Tutu Dress (Sold Out) // Shoes from Pedi Ped: Lynn Silver

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A Proud Mama Moment

By on November 3, 2016


Ever since Lila was a little baby she has been really timid around animals. Back in June my sister got a German Shepard puppy and Lila has been terrified of him since the moment they met. She then grew to become terrified of any animal that moved. Within the past few weeks we have been working really hard on trying to make her comfortable around my sister’s dog with reassurance and with treats. Last weekend we went over to her house and she not only was totally comfortable around him, but she was going up to him asking for “a hug” and “a kiss.” It makes so proud to see her over come a fear that used to totally paralyze her.


When I was holding her taking this picture she got really excited because two little doggies were walking by and said to them, “Hi little Honans! Down, down, down!” Okay so she still can’t quite say Johan, but if this a few weeks ago she probably would have just started crying.

Nothing makes my momma heart prouder than when I see her overcome her fears. What are some fears your little ones have had and overcome?





Diaper Bag from Jujube: Be Classy – Queen of the Nile

Teething Necklace from Itzy Ritzy

Lila’s Boots from Pedi Ped

Lila’s Outfit from Hanna Anderson: Top + Bloomers

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My Day In LA

Hanna Andersson Grand Opening at Del Amo Fashion Center

By on October 28, 2016



Last night we went to the Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrence for a private grand opening of Hanna Andersson’s new location. I have been a huge fan of Hanna Andersson since stumbling into the Fashion Island location when Lila was about 3 months old. I remember walking into the store and my jaw literally dropping because all their prints were so adorable and playful. We got her a few things from their layette collection that day and they are some of my favorite things in her baby box.


When checking in there was a table of various cupcakes and lemonade glasses. As if that isn’t good enough they also gave everyone a free pair of their iconic ecru/dark heather stripe jammies and your name was entered win a raffle to win 1 of 5 gift cards for the evening.


I have never been to the Del Amo Fashion Center before and I think we are going to come back awfully soon because there were so many stores I wanted to stop and check out when walking straight to Hanna Andersson. One thing we did get to do was take advantage of the mall’s breastfeeding area donated by The Honest Co. I think it’s so awesome when there is a nice lounge area to take your baby to where you feel comfortable just kicking your feet up and nursing your babe. I wish there was one of these awesome lounges everywhere I went.

If you live in Torrence or if find yourself at the Del Amo Fashion Center stop by and say hi to my friends at Hanna Andersson. Or if you want to shop online they have the cutest christmas jammies. We may or not be so stocked up that we will be wearing them through the spring!

Happy Holidays!



This season’s layette. Seriously it could not be cuter! Why can’t they make these for big kids too??

This is the dress Lila was wearing. It’s actually a top for bigger kids, but we wanted it anyways and figured it would fit her forever this way.

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Weekend Vibes

By on October 22, 2016



Even though on the weekends Jake goes in to work and I still have work to do, I like to do something special with my girl. Just because we are still working doesn’t mean it’s not the weekend, right? So on either Saturday or Sunday Lila and I get dressed early in the morning and head out for the day.




Some of our favorite to things to do are

  • Head up the street to Sierra Madre for an acai bowl breakfast, Lila’s favorite park, lunch, and then back to the park.
  • Take the Metro into Old Town Pasadena and check out the shops, Central Park, and usually So Cal Kids Museum
  • Head east to South Pasadena and go to Garfield park and enjoy our favorite pizza place


As you can tell by reading above, our day revolves around which park we are going to. We usually do option 1 and it honestly never gets old. We lived in downtown Sierra Madre when I was pregnant with Lila and every night Jake and I would take a walk through the park and then through the shops and restaurants and I was at such ease knowing that this is where I would be pushing a stroller through a few months.




I am always looking for new fun things for us to do in town. Usually our local Westfield Mall has activities and crafts for the kids on the weekends so if it’s too hot outside or  I’m feeling less than up for traveling around the city, then we make the short walk to the mall.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! What are some fun things you have planned?



Top & Bloomers by Rocky Raccoon Apparel

pediped® Originals Betty Mary Jane Shoes in Silver

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Let’s Chat About Slow Parenting

By on October 18, 2016



Believe it or not in those 9 everlasting months of being pregnant I read a total of ZERO baby books.  The occasional Pin on Pinterest would catch my eye, and I would flip through the occasional parenting magazine while waiting in the doctor’s office, but for the most part I made a conscious choice not to spend my time reading baby books. Looking back on this choice it seems silly that I was so anti-preparation. I never attended a birth class and I skipped the hospital tour. Perhaps it was my severe state of denial during pregnancy or perhaps it was my fear of learning all of these ‘suppose to’ things and then failing at them.




Slow Parenting was something that I adapted and was able to identify with immediately once having Lila. The concept of slow parenting is simple, it’s doing everything at the right speed for your child and being totally present in each moment.

Raising a child shouldn’t be a race to each milestone, it should be filled with love and constant attention every step of the way. This is why I never put Lila a schedule, keeping our moments enriched and natural listening to each other’s cues is what worked best for us. It’s stressful to have alarms going off and having your day revolving around something that makes life seem so rushed. I wanted to soak it all in and savor every second. It’s a refreshing reminder to slow down to actually enjoy moments and adventures.




Having a husband that feels the same way is a huge factor to why this works so well for us. If our daughter wants to sleep, we let her sleep. If our daughter wants to eat, we let her eat. If our daughter wants to stay at the park for two hours, we’re coming home with sunburns. It’s natural for us and it keeps things light. We love to take her places and do things together and I love seeing her curiosity in everything we do.

As Lila gets older and as we look back on when she was a newborn or just a few months old, we don’t feel an ounce of sadness. We were there. Like really, really there. We look back and our hearts feel full knowing that we there raising her and teaching her and loving her. We don’t look back and say “Dang, we really should have gone on dates and gone out alone more.” We are so grateful that each other feels the same way about raising our child and that we have savored each moment so intensely as a family.



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