Must Haves with Baby

If You Need Me, I’ll Be In My Teepee

By on February 8, 2017

Teepee & Cushion // Wall Print // Grid Blanket //Swan Coverlet // Diapers

Hi everyone!

So you are probably wondering why there is a giant teepee in my living room… Well for Lila’s birthday she got this adorable teepee from our friends at The Land of Nod. I set it up the when she went to sleep on her birthday eve so when she woke up in the morning she could see to and be surprised. I grabbed a few things that were in her room that I love like her pink buggy, a knit cactus pillow, Splash the cat, and her swan coverlet. She was so happy when she woke up and she went straight inside of it and said, “My teepee!” I thought it was so cute that not only did she know it was hers, but also that it was called a teepee!

It was pretty difficult getting her out of the house after that, but we managed to load her in the car and we had her presents waiting for her in the backseat so she could open them on the car ride to the aquarium. Her birthday was such a great day filled with family and her closest friends. I think it was one of the happiest days of her life, which is exactly what I wanted it to be. I thought about doing a big party but I knew if I did I would be too busy party planning and not be spending enough time being present. I think next year or the year after we will do a big fun party and have it be not on her actual birthday.

Since I set the teepee up in the living room I actually really like it. It’s so pretty and cheerful and lights up the room! It was suppose to go in her playroom, but I think I am going to wait a while before it makes it there.

Since I decided to leave the teepee in this room for now I wanted to tie the room together with a fun wall print. I found this one from an online children’s boutique called Peach Stream. If you haven’t heard of them before you have to check out their website because they have the cutest selection of some of the best brands around. While I was shopping, I found this blanket from one of my favorite blanket brands. I have a few of their muslin blankets for Lila and love them so I knew this blanket would be a winner too. It is pretty in big size and also reversible. I think it’s perfect because even though it is a kid’s brand it is also a pattern that I love so it makes for a perfect family blanket.

I hope you like the latest changes to our living space. My sister recently got Lila got the cutest table and chairs set, so I will be sharing that next. (One of the chairs is shown in photos above.)

Thanks for reading!


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Our First Family Photos

By on November 14, 2016

This morning we took family photos with the lovely Sadaf Murad in Old Town Pasadena and I am so excited to see how they turned out. I was talking with Sadaf a few weeks ago about how we have no professional photos of our family, and she offered to help us change that. I was so excited about finally being able to have precious photos to look back on.  Every image from the shoot will be treasured so hard and definitely framed and hung on our walls immediately.




It’s kind of funny to us that we never had professional photos taken because we know a ton of photographers and could have easily had some done by now. A photographer friend of ours did our wedding photos which I was so excited about her doing but we stilllllll don’t have them. So maybe I’m just scared from that.




We were going to do our session walking around Old Town Pasadena because this where I think of when I think of “home” and I wanted our first family photos to capture where we were at this point in our lives. We ended up doing them inside her gorgeous studio because it was around noon once we were all situated and and Lila was super cranky and ready for her nap. So we stayed in her studio which is about a block away from where we took these photos after. Lila loves the courtyard in One Colorado and it’s the perfect place to let her stretch her legs. It also has the best public restroom in Old Town, which is one of toughest things to find here.




Something I never, ever want to forget is our time living here. In ten years we might still live here or in ten years I will be looking back at these photos remembering all the good times.





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Must Haves with Baby

Toddler Fashion Favorites: Tops

By on October 31, 2016

1         2       3        4        5       6        7        8       9

With the new year approaching I wanted to introduce a new series: Toddler Fashion Favorites. One of my favorite things to do since I found out I was pregnant with a girl is swoon over cute baby clothes. I tend to get stuck in baby gap rut so I am hoping this series will challenge me to find cute pieces from different stores.

For this Toddler Fashion Favorites I wanted to show you my top 9 favorite tops for this season. I chose all long sleeve tops because during this time of year I want my babe’s arms covered. All of these tops are lightweight and can still fit a jacket or cardigan on top.

In Lila’s wardrobe right now we have top 1 which is a bit pricey, but worth it. It is such amazing quality and a perfect fit. I wish it would fit her forever. We also have top 2 in 4 different prints. These tops are handmade by the sweetest woman and are made with a thick organic cotton. I like to pair this top with a solid color legging and it makes the perfect playdate outfit.

I hope to accumulate these tops for Lila’s wardrobe in the next few weeks. First on the list is tops 3 and 9. If you have any favorite places to shop or favorite tops from this season share them in the comments so I can a look.

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Weekend Vibes

By on October 22, 2016



Even though on the weekends Jake goes in to work and I still have work to do, I like to do something special with my girl. Just because we are still working doesn’t mean it’s not the weekend, right? So on either Saturday or Sunday Lila and I get dressed early in the morning and head out for the day.




Some of our favorite to things to do are

  • Head up the street to Sierra Madre for an acai bowl breakfast, Lila’s favorite park, lunch, and then back to the park.
  • Take the Metro into Old Town Pasadena and check out the shops, Central Park, and usually So Cal Kids Museum
  • Head east to South Pasadena and go to Garfield park and enjoy our favorite pizza place


As you can tell by reading above, our day revolves around which park we are going to. We usually do option 1 and it honestly never gets old. We lived in downtown Sierra Madre when I was pregnant with Lila and every night Jake and I would take a walk through the park and then through the shops and restaurants and I was at such ease knowing that this is where I would be pushing a stroller through a few months.




I am always looking for new fun things for us to do in town. Usually our local Westfield Mall has activities and crafts for the kids on the weekends so if it’s too hot outside or  I’m feeling less than up for traveling around the city, then we make the short walk to the mall.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! What are some fun things you have planned?



Top & Bloomers by Rocky Raccoon Apparel

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