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Lila’s Montessori Floor Bed / House Bed

By on October 10, 2017


Housebed from: Sweet Home From Wood

Mattress + Sheets + Drapes from: Tomorrow

Lila’s Tutu from: Plum NYC

Hi Everyone!

A few weeks ago I shared with you that we decided to add a bed to Lila’s room and it has been working out great. She absolutely loves her bed and tells me thank you everyday. It’s one of the sweetest things hearing her run into her room in the mornings and yell, “Mom! Mom, I just love my bed!” (my heart melts.)

This AMAZING house bed is from Sweet Home From Wood and I cannot say enough good things about it! She is basically a house bed fairy and has something for everyone. The photos on her site are so darling. I wish I could visit every room featured!

We just got it in the mail yesterday afternoon. I built it by myself and it took about thirty minutes. It was super easy to build, but I also had a tiny cheerleader that wanted it built immediately. The decor shown isn’t permanent. It’s just what I already had in her room. I will be decorating a bit over the next week or so and then giving a grand tour.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions be sure to leave them in the comments below so I can answer. XO





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Must Haves with Baby

Mom Win On Monday

By on February 13, 2017

Magnetic Wooden Blocks // Basket // Rug

Hi everyone!

Today is Monday and I always feel like it brings a fresh start to a new week. I like to do the most cleaning I can on Mondays’ so that way the rest of week it’s not too cluttered (hopefully). Our laundry has been piling up to the point where I have been wearing only leggings- and not just because I want to. Lila normally likes to ‘help’ me with the laundry but today she was so distracted playing with her new toys from Rose and Rex.

It’s really hard to get her distracted with toys, she normally wants to do whatever I am doing with me. When I looked over and saw her totally in the zone I knew that was my chance to get some folding and hanging done. First I snapped a few pics, and as you can tell by her expressions I don’t think she noticed. Then I folded and hung up two loads of laundry and came back to find her still playing with these blocks. If that’s not a mom win then I don’t know what its!

I hope everyone has a great week. Thanks for reading!

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