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Always A Ball At City Hall

By on September 12, 2017

At our city hall you have a 50% chance of spotting a princess. 😉

Happy Monday Friends!

I mean- Tuesday. Happy Tuesday Friends!

After lunch on Saturday we Lila wander around and spent seriously like an hour at this little spot. She loves splashing the fountains and there’s lots of kids and dogs running around so she has a great time just walking from fountain to fountain doing her thing. I love days where we have nothing to do and can just pick a spot to hang and follow Lila’s lead.

Tomorrow I’m sharing Lila’s ‘Montessori style’ closet. So check back for that! Thanks for reading.


Celeste Wright


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Motherhood | Must Haves with Baby

Benefits Of Baby Wearing

By on August 29, 2017

Lila’s Shoes // Baby Tula Toddler Carrier

Hi Everyone!

It is no secret that I love baby wearing. I have been wearing Lila since she was a newborn and I can attribute much of our bond to it. We have tried out a lot of different carriers together in our two and half years of baby wearing from frontward facing only carriers to multi facing carriers to wraps to slings and everything in between. Right now Lila weighs about 30 pounds and was having less and less space in our old carrier. We switched to Tula Baby a few months ago using one of their Free To Grow Carriers. The first time I put it on Lila fell asleep within minutes and had a nice long two hour nap in it. I love having Lila nap in the carrier because that means I can get stuff done while knowing that my baby is safe and sound.

“A Child Does Not Know What Direction He Is Going, But When He Is Attached To You, He Doesn’t Feel Lost.” -Gordon Neufeld

I recently came across this quote and it really stuck with me how true that feels. When I am holding her close she has such a calm to her that she doesn’t have at any other time.

I always knew baby wearing was for me, because it was in my mama bear gut. It always felt right for me and Lila as a baby was instantly calm if she was put in a carrier. After doing some research I came to learn that there really are some amazing benefits other than just that warm and fuzzy feeling of having your little one close to you.

1. Less Crying

Did you know that babies that are carried cry 43% less than babies that are not carried. And in the evening hours that number jumps to 54% – Don’t these numbers make you want to run and put your baby in a carrier? No one likes to hear their baby cry.

2. Breastfeeding

This is a big one for us. Lila always will breastfeed if she is the carrier and the best part is that she can breastfeed practically anywhere. She always hated doing that whole hiding her a blanket thing, so instead I would put her in the carrier and pop the hood over her. If there is one thing I couldn’t imagine my life as a mom without it’s breastfeeding the in the carrier.

3. Handsfree Mommin’

Whether they are asleep or not you can do anything you need to do handsfree. When Lila was little she would let me do anything as long as she was being carried. The best part is when she fell asleep and I could do anything I needed to do leaving me feeling productive and leaving her feeling cozy sleeping through it all.

4. Bonding

According to research worn babies are given a sense of security and affection. This helps to improve their neurological development. When worn babies are in tune to your heart rate, breathing, and your movements. This encourages baby and actually helps their nervous system function and keep organized.

5. Getting Exercise

Babies start small but then they get heavy! Carrying around that weight is a great workout for mom. It makes a walk around the block way more rewarding when you can come home and treat yourself to something yummy for all those extra calories you burned!

6. Easier Communication

With your little one right there in front of you, you will know almost instantly if something is wrong or if they are bothered. You are also able to comfort them at a moments notice.

Those are just a few of the reasons I LOVE baby wearing. I will continue to wear Lila until I can’t fit her in a carrier anymore. And just thinking that makes me so sad! I will always treasure these years we have had together where I felt like she was my extra limb.


Thanks for reading and let me know in the comments if you baby wear or plan to with your baby! 🙂

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My Day In LA

The Shop Up: Blogger Breakfast

By on April 27, 2017


Hi Everyone!

On Monday morning Lila and I attended a super fun breakfast for LA Bloggers at the Springs in Downtown LA. After the breakfast we got to spend a whole hour getting meet and mingle with our favorite brands. It was such a fun morning and Lila loved all the pink donuts, glitter tattoos, and fun crafts. I’ve rounded up my top favorite shops and I can’t wait to share them with you!


  • Tula: I never owned a Tula until two days ago, and I have to say- I’m hooked! It is so comfortable to wear my 30 pound toddler in and the prints/patterns are beyond cute. It was so fun getting to meet some of the girls and have them show me all the amazing products they offer besides carriers. Their swaddle blankets are beyond soft. Love em so much!
  • Minnow: Lila has one of their swimsuits and it was so fun to meet the mama behind the brand. Her suits are the absolute cutest! A must have for summer.
  • Alice + Ames: I’m sure this is obvious, but the couple behind Alice + Ames are total goals! If I was still single and I met them, they would make me want to get married and start a family before I went to bed that day. Seriously the most beautiful family inside and out. So no surprise that their dresses are perfection. I got Lila a leotard dress and she has worn it nonstop since. I think I may have to stock up because it’s all she’ll wear.
  • Zozu Baby: If Lila is wearing bows, there is a 99% chance they are Zozu Baby bows. Why? Because they are the BEST bows. I have gotten a lot, like a lot a lot, of bows for my little girl, but nothing compares to these. We can’t get enough of them. It was so fun to meet Sandy in person and get to squeal over her new patterns coming soon.
  • Sakura Bloom: I have a few ring slings that I love so I knew I was going to love Sakura Bloom. I got a darling gray linen sling in my gift bag and went to their booth to have them fit me. They helped me put Lila in the sling and tightened it to me and I swear I could have done an entire workout with my 30 pounds slung to me. It was amazing! Those girls are pro and I need to call one to come fit me every day. Haha.
  • Seedling: We love our friends at Seedling and all their fun activities for toddles. Their craft area did not disappoint and Lila made about 5 pom pom necklaces. They have the cutest new toddler activity kits too! Perfect gift for any birthday party coming up!
  • Rose & Rex: I saved the best for last! My friend Allie runs the worlds most fun and lovely toy shop. She curates the shop with the best, most innovative brands and to top it all off she is so fun and lovely in person just like her brand. We love you Allie! If you’re looking for some super cool toys to distract your toddler long enough so you can go to the bathroom alone click here.

Thanks for reading!

*Photos via Babycinno Kids

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Mother’s Day with Bouqs

By on April 25, 2017

Above And Beyond Bouquet

Hi Everyone!

Today and just in time for Mother’s Day I am sharing with you my favorite flower shop! The Bouqs Co. is a Venice CA-based flower company that ships beautiful ‘Bouqs’ from their farms directly to customers. Living in Los Angeles I love shopping at small, local shops around me. All their farms practice sustainable, eco-friendly farming, and they cut only what they sell – so they don’t waste 1 out of every 3 stems like others. Who can’t get on board with that?! So awesome.

Every year for Mother’s Day my mom gets a bouquet for me and this year I’ll be getting her one for BOUQS. I also like to get one for my sisters, closest mommy friends, and even my neighbor. Because who doesn’t like getting flowers? I love giving them almost as much as I love getting them so today I am sharing with a very special 20% off code so that you can check a special woman in your life off your list. You can use code: XOCELESTEWRIGHT for 20% off your order. You’re welcome 😉


One of my favorite parts of motherhood is watching Lila blossom. Lately she has become so outgoing and so sweet to other children and it really makes me proud to be her momma. I love looking over and seeing that she is sharing with other children or that she is helping a smaller kiddo do an activity. She also loves babies when they are in their carseats and will be so sweet to them. I really love watching her personality develop and seeing her sweet spirit grow. I am so happy to be her momma!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you lovely mommas out there. Xoxo

*Thank you to BOUQS for sponsoring this post.

**You can use code: XOCELESTEWRIGHT for 20% off your order

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My Day In LA

Easter at The Langham Pasadena

By on April 17, 2017

Egg Hunt

Last year Lila had her first real experience with attending egg hunts and immediately we knew that she had some special feelings for Easter. Since that day we’ve kept a basket of easter eggs in her room and she has played with them consistently all year long, so much so that she has opening them down to such a science that we can’t get them closed again fast enough for her. The most special egg hunt for her was undoubtedly the one that took place at the Langham, and it seemed like every time she played with her eggs throughout the year we talked about going there again, so we knew as it came around the corner we had to make it a tradition for our family.


This year Lila appreciated the egg hunt even more, and displayed her skills like a pro when she got out on the lawn. The only thing that held her back was the size of her basket which was quickly overflowing. She really made the most of it and enjoyed every minute. I have no doubt that the egg hunt at the Langham is the best not only in Pasadena, but anywhere that I have ever been. Everything about it is perfect from the location to the eggs and their prizes, and even the adorable outfits on all of the little ones, this egg hunt is truly on another level.


Petting Zoo + Train Ride

In the immediate vicinity of the egg hunt there were so many fun things going on that were all geared for the little ones. The petting zoo they coordinate is seriously ADORABLE! They not only have bunnies and chickens, but sheep, baby goats, ducks, piglets, and a baby cow! Lila couldn’t get enough of the baby bunnies and spent way too long just petting them and talking to them like she does with her stuffed animals at home. Right next to the petting zoo they had the best Easter Bunny who was being so cute with all of the kids that were there, so when the line wasn’t too long we ran over so that Lila could get a photo with him. Usually she is a little bit skeptical of costumed characters at first and doesn’t like to get too close, but she ran right up to him and gave him a huge hug for the better part of a minute and wouldn’t let him go. Did I mention yet that this kid loves Easter and can’t get enough of the Langham?

To top off all of the activities on the lawn they have badminton, croquet, and a full on train ride! Last year we had a blast riding the train as a family and Lila remembered it well because she was asking for the train ride before it was even in sight. Long story made very short we rode that train somewhere between 8 and 10 times throughout the morning and you know what, it never got old! Lila was so excited and loved riding in a different color car each time, she couldn’t get enough of the conductor and appreciated it every time he made a “toot toot”.



If there was one part of our stay that I have to admit I was most excited for, it was the brunch. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a waffle bar. As excited as I was and as high as my expectations were, the brunch was even better. Every single thing I tasted was delectable from the sushi and seafood bar, to the omelette station and the expansive table of breakfast foods. Sometimes I struggle with buffet style dining because I feel like they do an okay job at a lot of dishes, but don’t really have a focus. That was absolutely not the case here, it was as if they had one chef devoted to each particular dish and nothing felt like it was just a filler.

Beyond all of the amazing options in the main dining room they had the most adorable selection of pastries and an entire section of foods for kids. The kids corner was not only perfect for Lila’s taste buds, but they even had it set up low to the ground so that she was able to feel involved with the selection. Their whole set up was genius because Lila ate more in one sitting than I have ever seen her eat, and she’s an amazing little eater!

Of course the literal icing on the cake was the gigantic display of incredible desserts. I thought I was too full from the several plates I had already eaten to even think about sweets, but after one look I found myself getting one of everything to try, and making a couple of quick trips back to the chocolate fountain for another skewer of strawberries. I know I shouldn’t have, but hey, Easter only comes once a year and, well, I deserve it!



All in all we could not have imagined a better way to spend easter as a family than what we actually experienced at the Langham. The hotel is like a palace from my dreams, Lila literally referred to it as her “beautiful castle: throughout our entire stay and said “were homeeee” every time we walked into our room. The staff were amazing, the food was fantastic, the scenery was breathtaking, the mattress was heavenly, the people were friendly, and Easter was magical because of it. The Langham can count on seeing us again next year, and the next, and every one after that.

*A very special thank you to the Langham Pasadena for hosting us this weekend.

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The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

By on December 1, 2016

Dress // Watch // Baby Carrier // Lila’s Dress // Lila’s Shoes

A few weeks ago we took our very first photos as a family. We never took photos with a photographer before and didn’t really know what to expect. My friend Sadaf is a super talented photographer and half the time we didn’t even know if she was taking photos. She “captures the moment” and doesn’t tell you what pose to do. She just waits and captures. It was amazing to watch her work.

My dress I got for the shoot was so comfortable I think I wore it for a week straight. The best part is I can save it because it doubles as a maternity dress. Score!

We had a ton of fun getting these photos done and each one will be treasured forever.

* Photos by Sadaf Murad Photography

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