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A Love Like No Other // Choosing To Potty Train “Late”

By on January 8, 2018


Diapers + Wipes + Skin Care

Diaper Caddy + Wipes DispenserDiaper Pail

4 Drawer Dresser // Elephant Nightlight and Soother


YES. My almost three year old is still wearing diapers. I haven’t tried to potty train her yet and the main reason being that diapers are just so easy. Once she pees, I change her, and that’s it. No matter where we are or what we are doing she can use the bathroom freely and it adds a lot of flexibility to our life. We drive a lot and something I am definitely not ready to hear is, “I have to pee” from the backseat while in traffic.

I know that potty training is right around the corner, and I’m gonna be driving around that corner reeeeeeally slow. Right now this is what is best for us, and it’s something that everyone ends up knowing how to do! If potty training late means less accidents and a quicker transition that I am all for it. My main concerns are her being as comfortable as possible and making sure I take big steps at her pace. I’m hoping to look back and know I made the best choices I knew how for both our sake.



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Must Haves with Baby

Because Bath Time Is Always A Good Idea

By on March 1, 2017

Bubble Bath / Conditioner / Shampoo and Body Wash

Hi Everyone!

Today I am sharing with you some of my new favorite bath time essentials. I love that magical time of day when I get to turn the water on and pour bubble bath into the tub. The whole room smells amazing and Lila is usually is so happy in the bath that it’s a really positive activity. We recently upgraded our bath accessories and I am very excited to share them with you!

The item I was most excited to get was the bath toy draining bin I loved the design of it and I loved that the base catches all the water that you can easily dump later. It’s a really nice quality bin and fits the toys inside just perfect. It replaced our old toy bin immediately and it’s been a lovely transition.

Lila has been really enjoying the bath toy organizer that sits across the tub. It keeps all the toys organized and it keeps her entertained moving them from the organizer to the bath, and back to the organizer. To my surprise her favorite of the toys are the shark pour cups. She loves to fill them with water and dump it. It’s so sweet and simple to watch. These toys have been keeping her busy in the bath since they are still “new and exciting.” Something about seeing a new toy having fun is just the best feeling for me. Sometimes while she is distracted I will squirt her with a squeeze bath toy and she will giggle uncontrollably. If it were up to me we would have ten baths a day!

I hope everyone has a great week!

This post is written in partnership with Ubbi World. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Must Haves with Baby

What’s Pink, Mint, And Cute All Over?

By on February 12, 2017

Chair // Wipes Dispenser // Diaper Caddy // Diaper Pail

Hi Everyone!

Today was Jake’s day off for this week so we had a nice morning at home and he even made us all lunch trying a new recipe. While Lila and I were playing in the living room the mail man rang the doorbell and he had all sorts of goodies for us. We opened our first package it was Chelsea the Cat from Cuddle and Kind. Lila squealed with joy she was so excited. She loves all of her knit animals from them so much so she was so excited when she saw a new one. Right way she ran to put it with the others.

Next we got some suppler exciting things from our friends at Ubbi. I can’t wait to show you their new bath line! Everything is perfect and I couldn’t have even dreamed it better. We also got a few new things for Lila’s room like a pretty pink diaper caddy and a darling mint diaper pail. I think they match the tassels in her room perfectly.

We are about to leave and go do some fun things in town. First the park and the farmer’s market later tonight. It’s been raining lately so I am excited for the warm weather we are about to walk out into.

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Must Haves with Baby

I’ll Think I’ll Wear My Pajamas To Breakfast

By on October 24, 2016


If you read my post Things I Do With My Toddler Everyday then you’ll know Lila begins her day eating breakfast and watching Elmo, while I usually sit at my desk and get as much work done as I can before the episode is over. We have been on a strawberry kick lately because aside from being one of our favorite fruits, they have been on sale at our local market for an unbeatable price of 4 baskets for five dollars. Needless to say, we have been eating strawberries with every meal for a week now.  

img_5020   Lila recently outgrew most of her footie pajamas, which honestly I was kind of excited about. All of her jammies had cupcakes or kitty cats on them, and not that she didn’t look totally adorable but we was ready for some new ones. I was so excited to go shopping on and get her two pairs of certified organic cotton, buttery soft pajamas. I also got a matching bib specifically for breakfast time so that it could match her pajamas.   img_5023   In the 30 seconds it takes me to go to the kitchen and get her strawberries once I’ve locked her in the highchair, she will go wild if I don’t give her a distraction. I’ve been giving her this wooden bird and she loves it! She tells it “chirp” and “tweet” and before you know it I’m back with strawberries. It’s made from untreated Indian hardwood and finished with vegetable seed wax which makes feel totally safe about her playing with and biting it.   img_5019   Something that I was totally impressed by from these pajamas was the generous fit. I ordered a size 2T since she is almost 21 months and I was worried they would almost fit ‘too good.’ But as you can see from the photos these are going to fit for quite some time. Another thing that Lila is too big for now but I will remember for baby #2 is their wooden play gyms. Boy oh boy are they cute! I linked it below in case the bright and bold colored ones ones from Target don’t cut it for you. Also you can get 15% off your entire purchase from Finn + Emma. here for the code. I hope everyone is having a great Monday!!   img_5018  

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Must Haves with Baby

A Big Tip For Easier Diaper Changes

By on October 14, 2016



We never had a terrible time with diaper changes, although some required much more effort on my part to supply distractions. I noticed the times where my daughter was playing and I would pick her up to get her diaper changed she was resistant. I finally decided to come to her when it was time for a diaper change.




I’m pretty big into Slow Parenting and also like to create as little rules as possible that aren’t safety related. A minor issue we were facing was diaper changing becoming more and more taxing. When I heard about the Ubbi Diaper Storage Caddy I checked it out and was amazed by how well received the product was from the reviews.


I decided to give it a try and I was amazed at the instant improvement it made. The ease of picking up the diaper caddy and taking it to my daughter wherever she may be when it’s time for a diaper change leaves her much less frustrated. I simply lay her down instead of transporting her and it makes all the difference.




The caddy itself comes with a soft, easy-to-clean changing mat and a slot to store it in. That way wherever you take the caddy there’s a mat to lay your babe down on. The Ubbi Wipes Dispenser has a convenient window to check when wipes are getting low, which I really love. There’s also a drawer where I store a diaper cream and a small toy in case she still needs a minor distraction.


The ever changing location of the diaper change leaves my little one completely unfazed and sometimes she doesn’t even notice. If your little is having trouble with diaper changes,  maybe they just need a traveling location.



Diapers + Wipes: Bambo Nature

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