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Toddler Fashion Favorites: Tops

October 31, 2016

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With the new year approaching I wanted to introduce a new series: Toddler Fashion Favorites. One of my favorite things to do since I found out I was pregnant with a girl is swoon over cute baby clothes. I tend to get stuck in baby gap rut so I am hoping this series will challenge me to find cute pieces from different stores.

For this Toddler Fashion Favorites I wanted to show you my top 9 favorite tops for this season. I chose all long sleeve tops because during this time of year I want my babe’s arms covered. All of these tops are lightweight and can still fit a jacket or cardigan on top.

In Lila’s wardrobe right now we have top 1 which is a bit pricey, but worth it. It is such amazing quality and a perfect fit. I wish it would fit her forever. We also have top 2 in 4 different prints. These tops are handmade by the sweetest woman and are made with a thick organic cotton. I like to pair this top with a solid color legging and it makes the perfect playdate outfit.

I hope to accumulate these tops for Lila’s wardrobe in the next few weeks. First on the list is tops 3 and 9. If you have any favorite places to shop or favorite tops from this season share them in the comments so I can a look.

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