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Top Toddler Gifts for Christmas

December 7, 2016

In my family Christmas was always a heavily celebrated holiday and every moment of the day was magical. As I got older and my siblings had children the magic grew larger seeing them experience the day. Last year was Eamon and Lila’s first Christmas and with that brought new traditions as we all realized that our family was growing too fast for everyone to keep up with the same amount of gifting.

On Thanksgiving during dessert everyone in my family writes on a notecard their name and three gifts they would like to receive that are $100. Then you fold up your card, put in a hat, mix it up, and everyone picks a name out of a hat. The fun part is this your “Secret Santa” and you don’t know who got who until Christmas Day. Then you get one of the items of the three items that they wanted and everyone gets one nice gift instead of stressing out about getting everyone something.

In addition to the Secret Santa, everyone also brings one gift around $25 value for a game of White Elephant. How we play is everyone puts their White Elephant is the designated corner of the house and once all the presents are opened on Christmas morning, then the youngest adult (aka me!) picks first and it goes around the circle from there. I pick a present, open it and until it’s my turn again anyone can steal it. It’s really fun!! Because the adults do Secret Santa and White Elephant it takes a lot of the financial pressure off getting everyone gifts and allows the 5 kiddos to get tons of presents.

In addition to making it a magical day for the kiddos my sister, my sister in law, and I make Christmas Wish Lists for our kids and give them to the adults while we are writing down our names and 3 items for Secret Santa.

This worked so well last year because the kiddos got exactly what they wanted and the adults each left with one good gift and one fun gift. I am excited to continue the tradition again this year. This was Lila’s Christmas Wish List that was given out to my family.

Happy Holidays! My living smells of fresh pine from our tree and I am in full Christmas mode. It’s truly the most wonderful time of the year.


Top Toddler Gifts for Christmas


Sorbet Collection by  Replay Recycled


Modern Saddle Shoes by Quail Lane Co


 Cottage House

Ice Cream Parlor

Shampoo & Body Wash by  California Baby 

 Conditioner by  California Baby 

 Lotion  by  California Baby 


Triple Layer Party Cake

  Cupcake Set

 Ice Cream Scoop Set


Step2 Whisper Ride Cruiser


 Shopping Cart


Luna Baby Gate by  Munchkin

  Bath & Feeding Gift Basket by  Munchkin

 Cool Wrap Bottle Bag  by  Munchkin

Doll High Chair



Pajama Sets by KicKee Pants


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